France suffers at the heart of its heritage since yesterday. I just wanted to express my sorrow and my despair to see the most beautiful Cathedral of France destroyed in smoke … Thank you to all foreigners for their messages of support! Coco 16/04/19

Welcome to all travel lovers ! Can I introduce you to my new blog MADTRAVELBAG ?

With Madtravelbag, I give you all my travel itineraries detailed day-by-day. Thus, for each stage of the route, you will find interactive maps, advice on visits, transport, restaurants, hotels…

In these travel itineraries, you will find tips for organizing, finding local guides, hotel bookings, budgets …

In addition, also Madtravelbag is going to tell you my little unexpected pleasures, loves, gastronomic advice, my good or bad surprises.

What am I looking for in travel? The escape, the discovery of new places, beautiful encounters, openness to other cultures and religions, to live new experiences …

So of course, sometimes I could feel some small disappointments but what predominates in the end is the feeling of having taken a step towards the other, a step towards somewhere else, a step towards the world …

I hope that with Madtravelbag and its itineraries and maps you will be able to prepare unforgettable trips!


Travel route with itinerary and map Panama Tour in 12 days

In December 2018 I had the chance to spend the end of the year in Panama!

My Panama 12-day tour allows to visit the San Blas,

Bocas del Toro and visit Panama City and its surroundings.

Discover the detailed itinerary,

my list of cheap hotels in Panama according to my tour,

neighborhoods in Panama City,

best beaches in Panama

and my day-to-day travel stories :

Day 1 – Arriving in Panama City

Days 2-3-4-5 San Blas Islands

Days 6-7-8-9 Bocas del Toro Islands

Day 10 – Panama City tour

Day 11 – Panama City between Canal and national parks

MADTRAVELBAG itineraries map tours

Travel route with itinerary and map Colombia Tour in 3 weeks

Discover my beautiful 3-week circuit in Colombia made in August 2018. In my articles, I explain everything from A to Z: where, when, why, how, at what price …

and my detailed Colombia tour with itinerary and map, my choice of transport,

my selection of cheap hotels … And to live my trip step by step,

also discover my 3 weeks Colombia tour from day to day

 TRAVEL ROUTES 1 WEEK IN MAURITIUS All about my 1 week stay in MAURITIUS island

1 week in Mauritius Island

All about my 1 week stay in Mauritius in winter: why, how, where, how long, what price … What coast in Mauritius? Where to go in winter? Why choose Mauritius?

Travel route with itinerary and map for my Peru trip

Travel route with itinerary and map Peru Tour in 2 weeks

Here is my beautiful 2 weeks tour itinerary in PERU (in October 2016)

that can help you day by day in planning your own Peru trip.

With bonus, my selection of cheap hotels for this tour and

great tips for Machu Picchu!

3 weeks Australia Tour with itinerary and map

Travel route with itinerary and map Australia Tour in 3 weeks

And here is my 3 week tour in Australia that I am preparing for next August. So you can follow all the steps of the organization of my big trip to Australia : My itinerary with map

My selection of cheap hotels according to my tour

My Indonesia Tour in 15 days itinerary and map

Travel route with itinerary and map Indonesia in 2 weeks

This Indonesia tour in October 2017 allows you to plan a trip with accurate information and detailed days. In addition, I added the routes of each part of the circuit. Discover

JAVA in 6 days

BALI in 4 days

GILI AIR Island in 4 days

How to get to Gili Air Island

Cheap hotels according my Indonesia tour

Travel route in SCOTLAND with itinerary and map

Travel route with itinerary and map Scotland in 2 weeks

Discover my road trip in Scotland with my 2-week tour itinerary with :

Edinburgh, whiskey castles and distilleries, the Loch Ness, Torridon, the Isle of Skye, Landscape of Highlands and Glasgow.

4 days in New York

4 days in New York

There, it is not a travel itinerary that I will offer you but simply my good plans to organize a stay in New York. My trip in February 2010 and my plans to return very soon allowed me to publish useful articles like:

New York districts

Best areas in Manhattan

New York best cheap hotels