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Martinique in 1 week – My 7 day program with tips, itinerary and map

Why a trip to Martinique in 1 week? When we decided to offer a stay of 1 week in Martinique Island, it would be dishonest to say that it was for cultural tourism … No, if we chose Martinique it’s of course for a stay of idleness in the sun on its magnificent beaches!

But when I started to get interested in this little piece of island, I thought that my 7 day program still had to provide some essential visits. Thus my program of discovery of Martinique in 1 week is quite cool because it alternates moments of discovery with moments of relaxation. Which, in the end, turned out to be a good little week of happiness in Martinique!

Martinique in 1 week – When to go to Martinique?

With a tropical climate, the Island of Martinique knows only two seasons:

  • The dry and sunny season (between 24 ° C and 26 ° C) which starts at the beginning of December and ends at the beginning of May;
  • The wet season (between 26 ° C and more than 30 ° C) which runs from May to the end of November.

Of course, all tourist guides and travel agents advise to go to Martinique during the dry season so from December to early May. Indeed, even if the sun and heat are very present during the wet season, the disadvantage between May and November is that there is a lot of rainfall and sometimes they are important and violent.
But we took the risk of going in August! Indeed, we took advantage of a great promotion of tickets sold off at the last minute and we decided very quickly on a whim.
In the end, no regrets because the weather was very pleasant early August. We had a lot of heat, always around 30 ° C and some nice tropical showers (very abundant but very short). The water was very hot but the sky often cloudy. In addition, as it is considered low season, hotel prices are more interesting. In short, if it was again, we would leave in the summer.

Martinique in 1 week – Why choose Martinique?

This island in the middle of the Caribbean is described as a magnificent and gigantic tropical garden. Its nickname “The Island of Flowers” confirms the richness and diversity of its vegetation. But its main asset is above all its beautiful coastline lined with beautiful white sand beaches. This is obviously what motivated my choice for a short stay of 1 week in Martinique. But it’s its wild landscapes and its important Caribbean culture that make the difference with the other islands. Go on a hike, discover a tropical vegetation, enjoy lobster in a small fishing village and bask with a glass of Punch under a coconut tree to the sound of the waves … That’s what pushed me to choose Martinique to take advantage of 1 week of vacation in the sun.

Martinique in 1 week – Where to stay?

After studying the characteristics of the different coasts of Martinique (Which coast to choose?), We decided to stay in Le François.

Indeed, the hotel I chose is quite central and away from the touristy area of ​​Sainte-Anne. Its location is perfect for visiting Martinique.

Martinique in 1 week – What transport?

The most practical is to rent a car. This allowed us to be totally free and to really go where we want and when we want.
Tip: book your car in advance on the internet (on Expedia for example) because when we arrived, we were unable to find a single car to rent. It was during the Yoles race and all the cars were already rented. We had to go to the hotel by taxi and wait 2 days to find a vehicle!
For your road trips, be careful also to leave very early in the morning and to return late at night. Thus, you will avoid the endless traffic jams that the roads of Martinique undergo during peak hours …

Martinique in 1 week – My program and itineraries

Day 1 – Arrival, installation and relaxation at the hotel

1st day of our program Martinique in 1 week in our hotel

Day 2 – Idleness

1st day of our program Martinique in 1 week

Day 3 – Discover the South of Martinique and its beautiful beaches

Stages of the program in South of Martinique

  • Sainte-Luce
  • Three Rivers Distillery
  • Anse Figuier beach
  • Saint Anne
  • Salines beach
MARTINIQUE in 1 week best beaches
MARTINIQUE in 1 week Sainte Anne beach

Map of the itinerary in South of Martinique

Day 4 – Discovery of White Backgrounds

Stages of the program around Le François

Le François (15 minutes from our hotel), Islets François, Josephine’s bath

Discovery of White Backgrounds around Le FRANCOIS
Baignoire de Josephine Discovery of White Backgrounds

Map of the itinerary around Le François

Day 5 – Discovery of South-West Martinique

Stages of the program in South-West Martinique

Beach of Anse Noire – village of Anses d’Arlet – Grande Anse beach – beach of Petite Anse – Diamond Rock – Anse Caffard Memorial

Memorial Anse Caffard Stages of the program 1 week in Martinique

Map of the itinerary in South-West Martinique

Day 6 – Discovery of the Center of Martinique

Stages of the program in the Center of Martinique

Fort de France, its Cathedral and its market – Jardin de Balata – Peninsula of Caravelle

Discovery of the Center of Martinique Fort de France market
Discovery of the Center of Martinique BALATA GARDEN

Map of the itinerary in the Center of Martinique

Day 7 – Last relaxing day

Relaxing at the hotel – Latest shopping – Airport to return to France

Martinique in 1 week – My impressions

My itineraries and my program on the 7 days spent on this small island seemed to me well adapted to combine relaxation and discovery. Indeed, I found it a shame to want to see everything in 1 week and to miss the seaside pleasures of this destination. Especially since I intend to go back there and so can still discover other treasures of Martinique!

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