South Laos - Pakse - Vat Phou - How to get there

South Laos with Pakse and Vat Phou – How to get there? Organization tips

Our tour now continues with 5 days in the South of Laos and a 1st day shared between the flight Luang Prabang Pakse and the visit of the temples of Vat Phou. Here is how our day was organized in the Champasak Province in southern Laos.

How to get from Pakse to Wat Phou?

After a Lao Airlines flight, we land in Pakse at 12:15 pm. As soon as we arrive at the Hotel Alisa, we ask the reception to tell us the best way to visit the Vat Phou site without wasting time… The receptionist Mr. SOULOT (+856 30 54 51 866) suggests us a private van for 450 000 LAK for 4 or 11 € per person for the whole afternoon.

The van arrives very quickly and takes us to the Vat Phou site in less than an hour. He will be waiting for us to take us back to the hotel at the end of our visit. Be careful because the site closes at 6pm and the museum at 4pm!


How to visit the temples of Vat Phou?

The archaeological site (ruins of Khmer temples dating from before Angkor Wat) extends over 2 km. We take the entrance tickets and a cart that drops us off at the entrance of the site. It is necessary to allow 2 hours of visit (without the museum).

temples Vat Phou

The main site, composed of 2 large symmetrical groups, continues up the mountain and leads to a sanctuary located on a terrace at the foot of the cliff. There is the sacred spring and a Buddha. Then you have to go behind the spring on the right to admire an elephant statue but above all a breathtaking view of the Vat Phou site.


Que voir à Pakse ?

Wat Luang Temple

Back in Pakse, we visited the Wat Luang temple which was only 600 meters from our hotel. It was already dark but we were able to attend the monks’ prayer and enjoyed enjoying this sample of the Buddhist monks’ daily and spiritual life.

pakse monks prayer in the evening in a temple

The Big Buddha of Pakse

Then 2 days later, when we return from the Bolovens to Pakse, we will climb up to the Big Buddha to enjoy the sunset with a view of Pakse and the Mekong River. We discover behind the giant Buddha a magnificent Buddhist site composed of temples and hundreds of Buddhas lined up on the hill.

Big Buddha pakse
temples pakse

Where to eat in Pakse?

We were looking for a nice little restaurant not too far from our hotel. And we found a restaurant that doesn’t look like much but was excellent and really cheap (3 € for lunch).

good restaurant in Pakse

My cheap hotel in Pakse

I must say that we had made an excellent choice of hotel. Indeed, the Alisa hotel, brand new and super well equipped, is located in the centre of Pakse but in a small corner of the street and therefore quiet.

At 28 € per night with breakfast included, it’s definitely a good plan!

The hotel’s benefits: The kindness of the staff, its geographical location and the comfort of the rooms.

The hotel’s little minus: Breakfast in the form of a buffet bof bof bof…

See this hotel on Booking

Discover now the following of the circuit with our little loop in the Bolaven plateau

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