Mucura island San Bernardo Why and how to get there

Why and how to get Mucura Island in San Bernardo ?

This is our last 4 days of our 3 week tour in Colombia. And inevitably, I wanted to end with 4 days in paradise! That’s why I chose the island of Mucura in the archipelago of San Bernardo.

Where is Mucura Island?

The Archipelago of San Bernardo is a set of coral islands located in the Gulf of Morrosquillo in the Caribbean Sea. This archipelago has an approximate area of ​​213 km² and the island of Mucura is one of them. She is very small since it crosses in just 15 minutes! We go either from Cartagena or from Tolu.

How to get from Cartagena to Mucura island?

When I booked the Hotel Club Mucura, the latter sent me an email that specifies the transport arrangements with schedules, instructions and booking link.

Boat reservation for Mucura island

Here is the email I received:

“FROM TOLU: The arrival to Isla Múcura is by sea from the city of Tolú Departure around 8.30 am – Isla Múcura – Tolú: Departure 2.30 pm Value: 50 000 $ per person in each direction.

TRANSPORT CARTAGENA: Transport from Cartagena is provided by the boat from the hotel Casa en el Agua. The boat leaves every day from the dock at La Bodeguita at 09:00. These are 2 hours of travel at sea. You must enter the following link and follow the detailed instructions below:

Departure tax La Bodeguita pier: $ 16,500 Cartagena transport – House on the water: $ 100,000 Transport Casa en el Agua – Múcura Club Hotel: $ 15,000 Transport from Isla Múcura – Casa en el Agua: 15 $ 000 Carriage house in the water – Cartagena: $ 100 000 Authorized luggage per person of 6 kg “

Where is the port for Mucura island?

The port in Cartagena is located in MUELLE BODEGUITA (in the historic center) Puerta 5. It was a 10 minute walk from our hotel Plaza de la Trinidad, so we walked there. Remember to leave your big luggage at the hotel not to be repressed when boarding! A small bag of 6 Kg is allowed but you should know that they do not weigh bags …

How to get from Tolu to Mucura island?

According to this same mail, it is enough to go to the pier of Tolu and to take a boat which leaves daily between 8am and 9am. The boats leave when they are complete. It takes approximately 1 hour of crossing. Price: 100 000 COP Round trip.

What to do in Mucura island?

N O T H I N G   !

Mucura island is perfect for doing nothing at all. Indeed, she is too small to go jogging, not possible to hike or bike, no tennis court, no golf course, no shops …

Mucura island in San Bernardo the beautiful beach

R E L A X A T I O N       A N D      I D L E N E S S  !

I had fun looking for the definition of idleness:

“Sweet idleness, state of happy inaction, pleasure to take time to do nothing and indulge in total relaxation, daydreaming …”

Well, it was exactly my only, my main, my exclusive activity on the island of Mucura and I loved it! To hell with the complexes …

San Bernardo and Mucura island the paradise

L O B S T E R S !

Ah! I feel that this simple word attracts the attention of the readers … Yes, on Mucura island you can eat lobsters without breaking the bank.

We went to the small village of the island and simply asked who could prepare good lobsters for lunch? Thus, we found ourselves facing enormous and succulent lobsters to taste for 45,000 COP (12.5 €).

Of course, we ate every lunch and forget for the loss of meals included in the price of the hotel !

To eat lobsters in Mucura island in the archipelago of San Bernardo
Lobsters main menu in mucura island into the San Bernardo islands

Our Hotel in Mucura island

The accommodations on the island of Mucura are few and I must admit that I selected my hotel by elimination.

When I visited the forums, blogs and booking, I had only 3 choices between:

  • Sleep with a family of fishermen but we must forget the comfort, air conditioning, shower …
  • Choose accommodation in nature (hammocks and basic huts on Hostal Isla Mucura or Dahlandia); nice but I preferred a little more comfort …
  • Or Club Mucura hotel which was the best compromise (120 € per night with full board-all inclusive).

The Club Mucura Hotel

See this hotel on Booking

Club Mucura Hotel was formerly owned by the FARC. This set of luxurious homes served as a well-insulated HQ and far from everything … The hotel is very large and unusual with its huge pontoon and its watchtower.

What I liked at Hotel Club Mucura

  • Clean, comfortable room facing the sea with a hammock on the terrace;The beach of the hotel is BEAUTIFUL!
  • The calm of the hotel (imposed by the owner when he welcomes us);
  • Nice breakfasts that are taken on the terrace facing the sea.

What I did not like at Hotel Club Mucura

  • Air conditioning that was cut by the owner from 6am to 18h (for ecological reasons he explained …).

See this hotel on Booking

hotel beach in mucura island
San bernardo Mucura island near our hotel

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  2. Nate_tureboy says:

    I’m headed to Mucura and Tintipan in a few days. When do the boats Return to the mainland??
    Thanks for the good write-up

    1. Hello,
      You are really lucky to go there. There are daily returns every morning to Cartagena. But do not hesitate to make you confirm the hours of return.
      Enjoy !

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