Bali in 4 days tour my itinerary and map

Bali in 4 days tour my itinerary and map

Visiting Bali in 4 days is a bit short in terms of time but the itinerary and map below gives you a good idea of my Bali Tour (except for the eastern part of which Amed we resign ourselves to forget because of the volcano Agung …).

4 Days Bali tour – Program day to day

4 Days Bali tour – My route map

4 Days Bali tour – Cheap hotels in Bali

Dates City  Hotel  Rp Euros
09-oct UBUD ESTY HOUSE 300000 20,97 €
10-oct UBUD ESTY HOUSE 300000 20,97 €
11-oct UBUD ESTY HOUSE 300000 20,97 €
12-oct SANUR GINA GUEST HOUSE 165000 10,00 €

Here is the hotel that I recommend in Ubud: Esty House

BALI IN 4 DAYS tour our cheap hotel in ubud
BALI IN 4 DAYS tour our cheap hotel in ubud our room

4 Days Bali tour – My feeling on Bali

First of all the desire to come back soon … It feels so good, there is so much to discover and do that I absolutely must go back. Everywhere in Bali, we have a feeling of serenity, calm, fullness.

Of course, the Balinese contribute to this harmony and this Zen atmosphere. Indeed, they are quiet, zero stress, zero conflict, smile galore, never in a hurry, never angry, in short, an exemplary attitude!

Everywhere in the streets, at the doorstep, at the entrance to shops, on the dashboards of cars … there are offerings to the Gods. They are composed of flowers, leaves, foods and even cigarettes.

Every morning, the Balinese prepare them carefully and harmoniously and change them every day. Be careful not to stomp one! These offerings are precious and respected, a tourist will be frowned upon not to pay attention.

Only flaw of the Balinese: they never say no. Even if they do not know, they always say yes. This can lead to important misunderstandings and misunderstandings. The best and always rephrase and if there is still doubt we must question the opposite to test the answer!

BALI IN 4 DAYS tour peace atmosphere in Bali

4 Days Bali tour – Ubud my favorite in Bali

UBUD: too much touristy but very endearing! Very lively with many good restaurants and very good plans for accommodation.

This is the city where you have to go shopping. The stores are very very numerous and there are some for all purses. Silver jewelry is very affordable and quite original. There are also beautiful ceramic decorative objects (handcrafted in Bali, see photo below).

4 days in Bali tour Ubud my favorite

In addition, on the market street in Ubud, many local agencies offer excursions from Bali to the other islands cf. photo below. So next time, Ubud direction to enjoy a little more but especially to go from there to other islands and other adventures.

BALI IN 4 DAYS excursions from ubud

One regret: Not being able to go to Amed (because of the volcano Agung), not having enough time to go on the Batur volcano, to go on the beaches … 4 days is really too little.

Every day of my itinerary is detailed in

my tour DAY by DAY

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