How to get to Bromo Volcano from Yogyakarta and cheap hotel in Bromo

How to get to Bromo Volcano from Yogyakarta and cheap hotel in Bromo

Here’s a question everyone has to ask themselves when planning their trip to Java: how to get from Yogyakarta to Bromo Volcano. Here are the practical information that I can share with you from my experience.

How to get from Yogyakarta to Bromo Volcano – By train

I had inquired about the different routes and here is the information collected:

From Yogyakarta, take a train (8 hours) to Probolinggo which is about 45 km from the Bromo Volcano. The price is very interesting: 13 Euros in business class!

At Probolinggo, take a minibus to Cemoro Lawang (the nearest village to Bromo volcano). With the waiting time and loading, this solution is very long and exhausting! That’s why I chose another solution …

How To Get From Yogyakarta To Bromo Volcano – By Car

When I organized the tour, after reading negative reviews on the train ride, I thought it was better to take a private driver.

Thus, to get to Tosari (village very close to the volcano Bromo), we made 12h of air-conditioned minibus with our guide Daus. Admittedly, it was very very long but surely more comfortable than the train that would have had to be combined with the bus …

We could see that it was difficult to drive in Java. Our driver did not have a GPS and was wrong several times. He was forced to ask several times his way to locals. In addition, the state of the roads slowed us down.

Arm yourself with patience if you plan to do this route. The adventure is not only at the foot of the Bromo Volcano but also on its way!

Map of the route to go from Yogyakarta to Bromo Volcano

Cheap hotel near Bromo volcano?

For this short night (arriving at 23:00 and ending at 3:00 am), I chose the HUNI RAYA hotel in Tosari.

It was the cheapest hotel among the closest to the point of view for the sunrise over the Bromo volcano.

The hotel is not great (old, smells of humidity, dirty …) but for one night in this isolated place, you have to compromise (price: 19 Euros without breakfast). As the hotels are few near the volcano, I advise you to book as soon as possible because they are quickly complete …

Warning: no restaurant at the hotel or nearby, so you need to plan a snack for the evening especially the next day, the departure for the sunrise on the Bromo is at 3:00 of the morning hungry …

Breakfasts will be served upon our return from Bromo when picking up luggage.

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