Dangerous districts in Medellin and best neighborhoods in Medellin

Dangerous districts in Medellin and best neighborhood in Medellin

Medellin! This simple name evokes violence, drugs, fear … Too long highlighted in the media worldwide for its problems related to drug cartels and other trafficking, this city has remained in the collective unconscious a dangerous city. However, this is not the case anymore (see my post: What to see in Medellin? La Comuna 13)

But, for the less adventurous tourists, choosing a good quiet and secure neighborhood in Medellin will be more reassuring! Here are some informations about dangerous districts in Medellin and the best neighborhood in Medellin for tourists.

Medellin neighborhood – El Poblado

District EL POBLADO is the favorite district of tourists. Indeed, it would be one of the safest neighborhoods of Medellin.

There are nice hotels and good restaurants. This area is very lively and remains a safe bet to stay there even if some find it sanitized … This is where I booked my hotel in Medellin a for 21 € per night: El poblado Manila Guest House

Best neighborhood in Medellin EL POBLADO district
Medellin Poblado district in my post Dangerous districts in Medellin and best neighborhoods in Medellin for tourists

Medellin neighborhood – Manila

Small neighborhood located next to Poblado, Manila is just as secure. It would be a quiet place and less frequented by tourists. You can find nice little restaurants.

Best neighborhood in Medellin MANILA district

Medellin neighborhood – Provenza

This district of ​​Medellin also has a good reputation. Internet users describe it as calm and quiet.

Medellin districts – The heights of Medellin

This is where the poorest people in the city are concentrated. These almost “favelas” do not have the reputation of the favelas of Rio. However, these neighborhoods would be the most dangerous of the city for tourists. So, don’t plan to go for a drink at 2am!

By taking the metrocable, you can fly over and see the city from above. From the metro station ACEVEDO, take the K line and get off at SANTO DOMINGO or stay in the cabin just to make the loop …

The only quiet area that can be visited is La Comuna 13. I invite you to discover my article: What to see in Medellin? The Comuna 13

Dangerous districts in Medellin and best neighborhoods in Medellin for tourists

Medellin districts – The center

This is where the main attractions and places to visit are. During the day, there would be no problem of insecurity and some describe this city center as modern, peaceful and pleasant. But on the night, this neighborhood is more dangerous.

Dangerous districts in Medellin and best neighborhoods in Medellin for tourists : the center

To visit the center, you can take the Turibus to discover the most important or interesting places of the city: http://www.turibuscolombia.com/

First of all, you have to go and see the two most famous squares: Plaza Botero square and Plaza de Toros la Macarena square.

Then, at random streets and you will come across the beautiful churches La Basílica Metropolitana and La Basílica de la Candelaria.

Do not miss it either: the Museum of Antioquia which gathers the biggest collections of the artist of the Country: BOTERO!

What about the PABLO ESCOBAR TOUR?http://www.medellincitytours.com/pablo-escobar-tour/

I do not know what to think about it … Colombians would not appreciate that tourists like to “admire” the traces of a past that they have a hard time forgetting. So, I will ask the opinion of the locals and see on the spot.

To know how to move safely in Medellín, I studied the different modes of transport of this city and I posted the following article: Transports in MEDELLIN

For more details on the visits from the historic center of Medellin:

What to see in Medellin? The historic center

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