How to visit Pisac? How to get to Pisac from Cuzco? What to see in Pisac?

How to visit Pisac? How to get to Pisac from Cuzco? What to see in Pisac?

Today, 11th day of our 2 week tour in Peru, we will spend the day in Pisac. We organize our Pisac tour ourselves. Thus, this article will answer the following questions: Why visit Pisac without a travel agency? How to get to Pisac from Cuzco? How to visit Pisac? What to see in Pisac or what to do?

Why visit Pisac without a travel agency

The sacred valley located at the foot of the Andes foothills is filled with equally beautiful Incas sites (Pisac, Ollantaytambo, Chinchero, Maras, Moray …).

As Pisac tour were expensive from Cuzco, we decided to visit Pisac in one day taking our time and going on our own. We will discover the rest of the Sacred Valley the next day (see our day 12).

Why visit Pisac on its own?

  • Because Pisac is a must in the Sacred Valley;
  • for the price (just the bus ticket and the entry to pay);
  • for the freedom to do what you want when you want;
  • because the site is very close to Cuzco (33 km);
  • but mainly because it was easy to go by bus.

How to get from Cuzco to Pisac?

From Cuzco, we take a bus leaving 7h (3 soles) for 1 hour of journey to Pisac. Stop at the Red Bridge. From there, take a path that goes up 8 km to the ruins of Pisac.

Itinerary Cuzco Pisac – Map of my tour

What to see in Pisac? What to do in Pisac?

Here is the program of our day:

  • Hiking at 2,900 m to the ruins of Pisac
  • Meals in a typical restaurant in the center of Pisac
  • Pisac Market
  • Return to Cuzco and visit of the historic center

What to see in Pisac? Hiking to the ruins of Pisac

From the car park “parte alta” you have to take the path above the terraces. The incas who cultivated on the terrace left behind a landscape of large harmonious curves.

Take direction Inti Watana and go along the cliff. The gorge is steep and impressive.

The hike of about 1h30 is simply BEAUTIFUL !!! The ruins are there overlooking and overlooking a wild and grandiose landscape.

How to visit Pisac? Pisac ruines
how to visit pisac from cusco pisac ruines

Nice surprise in the ruins of Pisac

As we walked slowly, we heard a sweet melody with Peruvian tunes that gave our hike an air of enchantment not only visual but also auditory, an impression that everything was there: the sun, the Inca site, the Peruvian music … it was an exceptional, indescribable emotion.

And at the bend of a path, we meet finally this young player of peacock flute. He told us his story and his main activity: he makes flutes and walks 12 km every day to go to the Ruins of Pisac.

Good surprise in Pisac ruines

And there he plays for the pleasure but also to sell to tourists. And it works ! We will take two even if we know that they will remain dumb tidy at the bottom of a closet …

We spot the white arrow and take a path hairpin then a small path that goes down to Pisac. Here we come to the top of the village of Pisac.

The colonial village is charming and we can not resist the urge to get lost a little … but the stomach also imposes his desires, so head to the restaurant.

What to do in Pisac – Good restaurant

We were recommended the small restaurant SAMANA WASI. Nice surprise because we had lunch in a nice flowery patio and enjoyed a simple but quality meal. Address: Plaza Constitucion No. 509.

What to do in Pisac – Its craft market

It is the largest craft market in the region. It is located Plaza de Armas and is open every day all day. There are mainly fabrics, hats, sweaters, hats, scarves, silver jewelry and souvenirs. Prices are lower than those on Cuzco, do not hesitate …


We came back to Cusco in the middle of the afternoon to visit the center of Cuzco.

What to see in Cuzco?

Know that there is a Panoramic Cuzco City Tour that is taken in front of the Cathedral on the Plaza de Armas. It will pay 12 dollars for a ride of 1:30. There is a departure every hour.

But nothing beats walking on foot to soak up the atmosphere of the place and discover other aspects or curiosity of the city, right?

CUZCO – The Plaza de Armas and its Cathedral

It’s the heart of the city. It is a very beautiful place surrounded by colonial arcades. We can leave this place to make a small discovery tour of Cuzco.

I just followed the one on the Lonely Planet.

It allows to pass by the Museo historico regional, the Hotel Los Marqueses, the Plaza San Francisco and its church and its museum, the church and the convent of Santa Clara, the market of San Pedro, the site Loreto, the convent of Santa Catalina and the famous 12-sided stone. The circuit continued but we will stop there because a little tired …


We will spend the night at Arnaud’s house.

The Sacred Valley? Discover it quickly on my following article:

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