East Neuk - St Monans - Anstruther -Saint Andrews My Itinerary and Map of the route

East Neuk – St Monans – Anstruther -Saint Andrews – My Itinerary and Map

For the second leg of our Scotland tour, we depart from Edinburgh to the East Neuk area to finish the day at Saint Andrews.

Edinburgh to Saint Andrews – My route in the East Neuk

  • Edinburgh
  • Forth Road Bridge
  • St Monans
  • Anstruther
  • Saint Andrews

Edinburgh to Saint Andrews – Saint Monans

Here we are driving, excited to discover the landscapes we had all dreamed … The sky is gray but still bright enough and promises a day well Scottish! Our first stop is Saint Monans, a small village in the East Neuk in the Fife.

Located a little over 20 km south of St Andrews, St Monans is a pretty little fishing port with charming half-timbered houses dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries.

We decide to take a walk along the wild coast and populated with seabird colonies. It is a real breath of fresh air and a real pleasure for the eyes: small church of the 14th century, windmill, remains of the castle of Newark and wild coast in ocher and golden colors.

Edinburgh to Saint Andrews Village of Saint Monans
East Neuk and St Monans - My Itinerary and Map of the route

Edinburgh to Saint Andrews – Anstruther

Anstruther is not only a fishing village, its main economy is now linked to tourism (Scottish Fisheries Museum, pleasure boats, cruises for the island of May …). This large village is famous for its fish restaurants.

We stopped there to eat at the Dreel Tavern which is on the roadside before arriving at the center of the village: 16 High Street West, Anstruther.

This is a very typical old pub where we have tasted simple and consistent dishes. We liked the warm atmosphere and no frills but especially the small prices (rare in Scotland).

East Neuk Anstruther

Arriving in Saint Andrews

Here we are in world apart. Indeed, it feels like being in another country because people, buildings, cars, streets … everything is different to what we saw elsewhere.

Luxury and elegance reign here in a breathtaking setting. I am stuck in front of this peaceful environment, its superb views of the North Sea from the cliffs and golf courses too perfect and bright green!


Passage to the Cathedral of Saint Andrews which is in ruins but worth the detour.


The St Rule Tower on the same site is older than the cathedral. From the top of the tower, you will reach a grandiose panorama of the city of Saint Andrews, the harbor, the sea and the surrounding countryside.

visit SAINT ANDREWS in Scotland

The ruins of St Andrews Castle are located on a rocky promontory overlooking the sea.

Then to finish off the very old and beautiful university of Saint Andrews.

Saint Andrews university
University of Saint andrews

Edinburgh to Saint Andrews – Cheap Hotel in Saint Andrews

I had been warned: it is impossible to find an economical accommodation in the center of Saint Andrews in the middle of August …

But impossible is not French! Here is the good plan I found: book a night in dormitories at the University of St. Andrews. These dormitories have been converted into hotel rooms with bathrooms and it is a real hotel service that is offered at the price of 80 Euros (breakfast included).

A 5 minute walk from the center of Saint Andrews, the setting is splendid. This old building has a crazy charm and the view of the beach. In addition, the breakfasts are very good and hearty.

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