Best neighborhood in Bogota for tourists

To choose my hotel and select the things to see or do in Bogota, you must first take a map and identify the different districts of Bogota. But it was a little complicated to understand because, on the Internet, we talk about neighborhoods, zones, areas, districts … Since everything was a little mixed, I had to do my own research and select only the neighborhoods that interested me as tourist and of course the least dangerous neighborhoods of Bogota.

Best neighborhood in Bogota – Bogota districts Map

Bogota is located at an altitude of 2,640 m and has 8.8 million inhabitants. To find your bearings more easily, here is a map to locate where the main neighborhoods are:


Best neighborhood in Bogota – Candelaria

This district is a small part of the large area of ​​SANTA FE. In spite of a reputation of quarter very badly attended, full of addicts, etc … the Candelaria is the historical district of Bogota and a high place of creation for the artists (graffiti and Street art). It is the most tourist district of Bogota.
From what I read and what I saw, you have to go there only during the day. Indeed, it would be a dangerous neighborhood in the evening and at night. So, I eliminated this place for my hotel search.

Best neighborhood in Bogota – Zona Rosa

Every big city in South America has a Zona Rosa which is a lively place where you can go out at night. Area very popular with tourists, it is highly policed ​​so very secure. You have to go or stay there for its hotels, restaurants, clubs, discotheques …

Best neighborhood in Bogota – Chapinero

The Chapinero District is part of the above zona rosa but it is located to the south. This is the most charming part of Bogota for a walk in quiet and green streets. There are good restaurants, nightclubs, shopping malls and more. The foreigners particularly appreciate this district. It’s the least dangerous district of Bogota. There is no insecurity. So you can walk in the evening without risking aggression …

That’s why I chose this place to book my hotel : Hôtel Saint Simon

Best district in Bogota – Santa Fe

It is the traditional downtown of Bogota, surrounding the historic district of La Candelaria. The interest of the area is the small neighborhood of La Macarena, east of Parque de la Independencia, which houses the city’s Planetarium and Plaza de Toros. It is one of the most picturesque and charming places in Bogota. In addition, the neighborhood is calm and bohemian with cafes, art galleries and high-end and mid-range restaurants. It is one of the most promising areas of the city center. But outside this area, SANTA FE has a bad reputation. During the day, the safest areas would be between Carretera 10 and Avenida Caracas (except for pickpocketing). But at night, it is not recommended to walk around especially tourists …
Another attraction: the funicular for the Cerro de Monserrate.

Best neighborhood in Bogota – Los Martires

Neighborhood at the west end of downtown rarely visited by tourists.

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