Which transport to choose in Medellin

On foot, by metro, bus, cable car or taxi, getting around Medellin is not a problem. Transport possibilities in Medellin are numerous and inexpensive. Here are some useful information to make easier use of the different modes of transport of Medellin.

Transport in Medellin – Taxis

Many taxi companies cover the entire city. Of course, it is recommended and safer to order a taxi over the phone.

Especially since the phones of some companies are easy to remember: (+57 4) 222 2222 for Celusuper taxis:
or (+57 4) 4 4440000 for Coopebombas taxis:

Also, be aware that all real taxis have a plaque and a meter that indicates the amount to be paid for the trip. The downtown airport race lasts approximately 1 hour and would cost 70,000 COP or about twenty Euros.

Transport in Medellin – The metrocable

What is the metrocable?

Medellin is located in the valley of Aburra within a mountain range. And on the heights of the city are the poor neighborhoods qualified by some favelas. To complete the metro network, the municipality has set up the metocable, a gondola system that allows these “barrios” to be served by public transport.

How to take the Medellin metrocable?

First, you have to buy a metro ticket. From ACEVEDO metro station, take line K (see below) and get off at SANTO DOMINGO or stay in the cabin just to make the loop …

Transport in Medellin – The metro of Medellin

Here is the number 1 transport at Medellin: the METRO. The latter comprises 2 land lines (A North-South and B East-West) and 3 airlines (J, K and L) mentioned above (metocable).


Transport in Medellin – The turibus

Finally, the tourist bus seems very practical and would be a good solution to visit the most famous sites of Medellin. Of course, there are other companies offering these kinds of transport in Medellin, but they are all worth it.


Transport in Medellin – City bus

The bus is the cheapest means of transport in Medellin.
There are two bus systems. First those of the government: Integrado buses (green) that connect with metro stations. Then all the others belong to private companies and have no distinctive signs. Their price varies between 2,000 and 3,000 COP (less than 1 €) and it is displayed on the front windshield.
Where can I find information on lines, stops, timetables? Here is a site on transport in Medellin that can help you according to your research:

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