What to see in the coffee region in Colombia Visit a coffee finca

What to see in the coffee region in Colombia? A coffee finca

You can’t go through the coffee region in Colombia without visiting a coffee farm or finca! It would be as if you were doing the wine route without visiting a vineyard.

And there, there is plenty of choice… Standardized visits to the chain, to express visits through the tourist trap visits, it is important to choose the right and authentic Finca!

Coffee region in Colombia – The Casa vieja finca

Coffee region in Colombia how to visit a coffee farm

Coffee region in Colombia – Where is this coffee farm?

It is a medium-sized coffeefamily farm (14 hectares) located a few kilometers from Quimbaya. Santiago the manager, has just opened in the small town of Quimbaya a beautiful shop where you can enjoy his coffee of exception: Cafe de Altura.

Coffee region in Colombia – How to visit the Casa Vieja finca ?

Santiago has booked us a private tour which he has personally assured in the heart of his plantation and his establishment. He presented to us in a general way the culture of the coffee in Colombia and in relation to the whole world, the trade, the export, the different qualities …

Then he taught us the different varieties of coffee, plants, seeds, diseases, the different ways to grow, harvest, replant …

Finally, the visit continues on all its field with the discovery of other cultures which it tries to reintroduce like at the origin.

Santiago is passionate, a man who loves coffee and his region. He respects nature and produces a quasi-organic coffee that stands out for its quality. He has recently been awarded a regional prize.

Visit Casa Vieja finca in the coffee region in Colombia

Coffee region in Colombia – Lunch at the Finca

It was with great pleasure that we shared the meal with Santiago at the very heart of his Finca. It was his aunt who prepared us all the good products of their field and we ate like “at home”.

Of course the meal was delicious. But what I particularly appreciated, it is the exchanges that we had with Santiago. We learned a great deal about the everyday life of Colombians and shared values ​​such as ecology, family and work. In short, another proof of the human wealth of Colombians!

In the coffee region of Colombia lunch in the coffee finca

Coffee region in Colombia – Altura coffee tasting

After the meal, a good coffee was waiting for us “at the tienda” (at Cafe Altura). This is a small coffee shop opened by the sister of Santiago a few months ago in Quimbaya. And there, we taste a great coffee in the joy, the laughter and the desire not to leave … Price of Altura coffee: 20 € per kg (batch of 3 packets of 340 gr).

Coffee region in Colombia - Altura coffee tasting in the coffee finca

If you want to follow me, tomorrow we are

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