Cheap hotels in Laos Cambodia according to my 15 days tour with informations and links

Cheap hotels in Laos Cambodia according to my 15 days tour

Since we are 2 couples of friends leaving together for a Laos and Cambodia tour in October 2019, we booked the hotels on as soon as possible to be able to have the largest choice and get 2 rooms at the same cheap hotels. So we booked everything in April 2019 and so we were able to find good cheap and very well located hotels in Laos but also for our last 3 nights in Cambodia. For all the cheap hotels we selected in Laos and Cambodia, we favored good location, cleanliness, comfort and sanitation in the rooms.

Cheap Hotels Laos Cambodia – Reminder of my itinerary

Selection of cheap hotels in Laos Cambodia for my 15 days tour

Cheap hotels Laos – Luang Prabang (days 1-2-3-4)

4 nights in Nocknoy Lanexang Guesthouse in Luang Prabang – Price of the night: 31 € incl. Breakfasts

Nocknoy Lanexang Guesthouse is conveniently located in central Luang Prabang, 500 meters from the Night Market and National Museum. We chose it for its nice neighborhood and because it is in a quiet street … Moreover, we looked for a comfortable establishment with a good restaurant because we will stay there for 4 nights. The comments on the breakfasts were also decisive for this choice. See this hotel on Booking

Cheap Laos hotels – Muong Ngoi (day 5)

1 night at Ning Ning Guesthouse in Muang Ngoy Nua – Price of the night: 23 € including breakfast

The Ning Ning Guesthouse is a hotel where we will enjoy a beautiful terrace overlooking the Mekong with a magnificent view of the mountains. The place seems incredible and I wish I could stay only one night …

This cheap hotel is very well rated among others for its excellent location in Ban Ngoy-Nua. See this hotel on Booking

Cheap Laos hotels – Luang Prabang (day 6)

1 night in Ssen Mekong Boutique Accommodation in Luang Prabang – Price of the night: 43 € incl. Breakfasts

For this night in Luang Prabang, we wanted to change places to know another area of ​​the city. This small structure seems very nice because it is located on the banks of the Mekong. Users rated this property as 9.4 out of 10 so I think that at 43 Euros a night it’s great value for money. See this hotel on Booking

Cheap Laos – Pakse hotels (day 7)

1 night in Alisa Hotel in Pakse – Price of the night: 28 € including breakfast

For this night in Pakse, we privileged comfort, calm and a location in the center of Pakse.

Indeed, this hotel (which is really cheap) is 600 meters from Wat Luang and about 1 km from the bus station Pakse. This can be useful for bus trips. See this hotel on Booking

Cheap Hotel Laos – Bolovens Plateau (days 8 and 9)

2 nights at Falls View Resort Tad in Ban Gnik on the Bolavens plateau – Price of the night: 28 € including breakfast

For these two nights in Ban Gnik, we looked for a dream setting. So this hotel has caught our attention for its location in the middle of the forest facing a natural waterfall and close to a coffee plantation. In addition, the establishment has a good restaurant! The bungalows are scattered in nature but have every comfort: cable TV, fan and balcony. And all rooms come with free bottles of mineral water, an electric kettle and a fridge. See this hotel on Booking

Cheap Hotel Laos – 4000 Islands (days 10 and 11)

2 nights at Pomelo Bungalow on the island of Don Khone – Price of the night: 31 € including breakfast

It is the guest reviews (noted 9.3 / 10) that have convinced us that this is one of the most beautiful places to stay on the 4000 islands. All mention a beautiful setting with a superb view of the Mekong and its islets. Some call this place “little paradise”. In a small village, this hotel reserves all the comfort and the calm that we seek to rest well of our well charged circuit! See this hotel on Booking

Cheap Hotel Cambodia – Siem Reap (days 12-13-14)

3 nights at Mekong Angkor Palace Inn in Siem Reap – Price of the night: 25 € including breakfast

Cheap hotels abound in Siem Reap. We are spoiled for choice. We chose the Mekong Angkor Palace Inn because it is one of the best placed hotels in the tourist center of Siem Reap. It is close to the craft market, just 300 meters from Preah Ang Chek Preah Ang Chom and next to the famous street pubs, restaurants, shops … Also, it has a nice pool and a good restaurant . At 25 Euros a night it’s definitely a good plan for Siem Reap! See this hotel on Booking

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