Travel in Spain with a dog The best hotel accepting dogs in Catalonia Spain

Travel in Spain with a dog – Best hotel accepting dogs in Catalonia

You are planning to travel in Spain with a dog and plan a stay in Catalonia? It is a very good idea because with its sun, beautiful beaches, small typical villages and wild nature, Spain and Catalonia in particular is the ideal place to do a nice tour or to spend an excellent holiday with your dog. Yes, but you probably think that finding a nice hotel in Catalonia that admits dogs will not be easy…

Well know that finding a good hotel, ideally located on the waterfront and which will accept your dog in Catalonia, is very easy!

The only constraint will be to organize you a little in advance to book the ideal pet friendly hotel in Spain. Indeed, it is better (especially in high season) to book as soon as possible among the best hotels in Catalonia accepting dogs in order not to choose one by default and which would be less comfortable…

With this article, I will try to help you organize your stay in Spain with your dog by giving you some advice on choosing the best apartments or hotels in Catalonia and facing the sea! So, I hope you will find the best hotel in Catalonia that accepts dogs so that you can spend a dream stay with your pet on the beach!

Spain with a dog – What criteria to choose a hotel with a dog in Catalonia?

Campings, apartments, palaces, unusual accommodations and other hotels that accept dogs are more and more numerous in Spain, especially in Catalonia. Faced with this ever-increasing offer, I had to select 2 essential criteria to satisfy the requirements of a plush toy.

Because yes, it is very good that a majority of hotels now welcome dogs, but it is necessary to check under what conditions? Indeed, many people welcome dogs while their hotels are not at all adapted to animals and are not equipped to… In many cases, it is to attract customers that this type of hotels admit dogs, so check and be wary before booking.

Of course, one of the first criteria to choose a dog friendly hotel in Spain will be to have enough space in the accommodation fort you and your dog. Also ideally, you should find an apartment or hotel with a small garden. Indeed, a small corner of greenery will allow your dog to do his needs without having to go 2 or 3 kilometers away…

If your investigation is not successful or if all the hotels in Catalonia that meet these criteria are complete, check that around the hotel you choose in Spain there are at least green spaces nearby (park, beach, walks…). Indeed, it is essential to be able to take your dog out, that he can do his business there and that you can make him do his daily walks.

These are the 2 criteria that I sought as a priority while keeping my requirements of:

  • Good location on the beach;
  • Comfort (air conditioning, restaurant, wifi…) ;
  • Cleanliness;
  • Reasonable price.

Here is my selection of the 2 best hotels with dogs in Spain Catalonia: 1 pet friendly hotel on the Costa Brava Platja d’Aro and 1 pet friendly hotel on the Costa Brava Lloret de Mar.

Best dog-friendly hotel in Catalonia on the Costa Brava Platja d’Aro

This is the hotel I recommend: Park Hotel San Jorge & Spa

I selected this dog friendly hotel first of all for its location in Spain. Indeed, in a green and wild environment of the Costa Brava in Catalonia, overlooking the promontory of Cap Roig, this hotel has direct access to the beach of Bella Dona and Cap Roig. This way, you and your dog can enjoy beautiful beaches in a preserved landscape. Regarding your dog’s swimming, I recommend that you bring your doggy early in the morning or late at night. This way, you won’t disturb anyone….

Then the 2nd strong point of this hotel is its restaurant on site which prepares a very good Catalan gastronomic cuisine and its bar on the terrace with a view of the sea. Finally, the facilities (swimming pool, spa, jacuzzi, sauna, hammam, gym…) are the assets of a successful stay. And another asset, and not the least of them, is its excellent value for money.

More information about this dog friendly hotel in Catalonia Spain

Best dog-friendly hotel in Catalonia on the Costa Brava Platja d'Aro Catalonia
Best dog-friendly hotel in Catalonia on the Costa Brava Platja d'Aro Spain

Best dog-friendly hotel in Catalonia on the Costa Brava Lloret de Mar

Here is the hotel I recommend for a nice stay in one of the best pet friendly hotels in Catalonia: the Hotel Santa Marta

En effet, choisir cet emplacement est parfait pour le bien être de votre chien :

  • Large rooms offering enough space for your dog and with a beautiful terrace;
  • Ideally located in a magnificent wooded area of 7 hectares very convenient for your dog’s daily walks.
  • Santa Cristina beach in front of the hotel for its morning swims.

In addition, the hotel is ideally located in Spain: in a quiet place in the middle of nature and only 10 minutes from the city centre of LLoret de Mar.

More information about this dog friendly hotel in Catalonia Spain

Best dog-friendly hotel in Catalonia on the Costa Brava Lloret de Mar Catalonia
Best dog-friendly hotel in Catalonia on the Costa Brava Lloret de Mar Spain

Spain with a dog – Documents or procedures to be planned

Wherever you travel in Spain with your dog, you should check in advance that he has a microchip and that his health certificate is up to date with his vaccinations. Of course, his health certificate will have to follow your dog everywhere, especially if he accompanies you for a weekend in Barcelona

And for those who will fly to Spain with their dog, it will also be necessary to plan other procedures (European passport, airline agreements…). For this reason, it is strongly recommended to contact and question the airline directly well in advance.

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