welcome to bogota and how to find a secure hotel in bogota

Welcome to Bogota – Find a secure hotel in Bogota

I was so excited and curious to see what Colombia was like, the Colombians, Bogotá… and here we finally arrived in the country that made us dream so much! Welcome to Bogota!

Welcome to Bogota – Arrival at Bogota Airport

It is at 19:15 that we land in Bogota. Tired by the long hours of the plane, we can not wait to leave the airport to discover the streets of the capital. We wanted to have a first impression on the atmosphere of this much-maligned city … Recovery of suitcases, customs formalities, toilets … soon Colombia is waiting for us!

What luck ! Pierre of Colombia Infinita agency is there to welcome us. He will drive us to our hotel and I must admit that it was very comfortable and reassuring. He organized (and very well organized) in our circuit a few days of visits and transport including Bogota, Medellin and the Coffee region. For the rest, we managed ourselves as big!

In the car, Pierre informs us that it is 19 ° C and that the rain usually comes every day in Bogota. The FRIDGE: this is how Colombians rename their capital.

Travel time between the airport and our hotel in the tranquil area of ​​Chapinero will be around 30 minutes. FYI, the price of the taxi ride is around 4 Euros.

While driving, we try to perceive some details of the architecture, passers-by, shops … but it is already dark and we will have to wait the next day to satisfy our curiosity.

Welcome to Bogota – Our cheap hotel in Bogota

We finally arrive at our hotel that I booked through Booking especially for its location in the residential area, chic and secure: El Chapinero.

What I liked about the hotel Saint Simon

  • I particularly appreciated the welcome and kindness of the staff.
  • The very good breakfast (buffet) complete and varied.
  • Price of the Saint Simon hotel : 114 Euros for 2 nights.

What I did not like at Hotel Saint Simon

  • There was a dryer in the bathroom missing.
  • The TV turned on at breakfast.

See this hotel on Booking


Hurry to bed, tomorrow is the visit of Bogota:

BOGOTA City Tour

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  1. Carol Jean says:

    Thank you so much for updated (2018) and detailed info on planning travel in Colombia w/o a tour. I appreciated your listing of hotels and the comments pro/con of each. I assume prices you quoted are for a double. I am hoping to spend less since I am going solo.

    1. Coco says:

      Thank you for your feedback! Yes, indeed the prices indicated are those we paid in August 2018 for 2. I suppose that the prices will be lower for 1 single person but it is to be checked on the site….

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