How to get to Gili Air Island from Bali my experience

How to get to Gili Air Island from Bali my experience

Here are the main useful informations that I had synthesized during the preparation of my trip in Indonesia. As I asked myself How to get to Gili air Island from Bali I looked at the different possibilities to organize my Bali Gili Air Island crossing.

How to get to Gili Air Island from Bali how to choose your crossing

How to get to Gili Air from Bali – Bali Gili Air crossing by ferry

There is a ferry that is mainly used by locals. It departs every day from Padang Bai to East Bali and goes to the port of Lembarau southwest of Lombok. This crossing lasts from 5 to 6 hours with sometimes a considerable waiting for loading and unloading.

I read that it was very cheap but the conditions on board are not great. Tickets are sold directly on the ports and cost only 40,000 IDR (just under 3 €). But on arrival in Lombok, you still have to take another boat (2 hours) to get to the Gili Islands.

How to get to Gili Air from Bali – Bali Gili Air crossing by fast boat

There are many fast boat companies that provide the Bali Gili crossing.

Most continue on the main island of Lombok and some of them also pass through Nusa Lembongan.

There are daily departures from Serangan Island in the South, Padang Bai and Sanur in the West and Amed in East Bali.

How to get to Gili Air from Bali – List of crossing Gili air Bali Companies

BlueWater Express: Departures from Serangan and Padang Bai.

Gili Getaway: Daily crossings of Serangan.

Kuda Hitam Services: Departure from Amed on the east coast of Bali. It is the shortest crossing from Bali to Gilis.

Gili Gili: Travel from Serangan and Padang Bai to Gili Trawangan via Teluk Nare (Lombok) and Gili Air.

Wahana Gili Ocean: Daily departures from Padang Bai – Gili T – Gili Meno and Bangsal (Lombok).

How to get to Gili Air from Bali – Book online tickets ?

You can book online at Gilibookings for the most reliable fastboats or at Prices on Gilibookings are around 150 € round trip depending on the departure port, the route and the carrier. Prices would be a little cheaper on Gilitickets.

It should be known that most companies include in their price hotel transfers to different ports.

There is another possibility of cheaper online booking with Lomboksociety. Prices start from 40 € and can include pick up service in Kuta, Ubud, Nusa Dua, Sanur, Bali Airport, Candidasa and Jimbaran.



How to get to Gili Air from Bali – Safety

Price differences are significant between agencies. There are also significant differences in the quality of vessels, their operation, crew experience and certification.

So, it is advisable not to look at the price. Check the information provided on the internet and make sure your ticket indicates the requested vessel.

It should also be known that the advertised travel times are often misleading and do not reflect reality. So for your circuit, plan wide at the timing!

How to get to Gili Air from Bali – My experience

Finally after comparing prices, I found that online bookings were too expensive.

Moreover, with the risk of explosion of the volcano AGUNG, I did not want to engage and can not cancel if necessary.

Finally, I knew from friends that there was no problem to take tickets on the spot and that it was possible to negotiate prices.

Normally (without the risk Agung), I planned a crossing from Amed. Indeed, I was told that we could negotiate the round trip for 30 €. This round trip includes a return with 2 hours bus to Sanur to get closer to the airport.

But in the end, as we can’t go to Amed, we made the crossing from Sanur.

I had planned to go through the Scoot Fast Cruises agency (Sanur Kaja – Denpasar Selatan T +62 361 28 22 33). This very serious agency offered us 1,500,000 IDR round trip per person! It was impossible to negotiate. So I gave up buying them in this agency.

Finally on the Sanur beach, I found a small booth of the agency SEMAYA ONE.

How to get to Gili Air island from Bali with Semayac

There, I was able to negotiate the round trip to 750 000 IDR (45 €) is half price compared to the other agency.

We left the next morning. They picked us up at the hotel at 7am to drop us off after a 1h30 taxi ride to Padang Bay. From there, we waited at the pier until 10:00 to go fastboat.

Normally the crossing lasts 2 hours but the sea being dismounted, we took 4 hours to reach Gili Air island from Bali.

Reaching the island paradise Gili Air must earn!

Want to know the activities that can be practiced, good restaurants in

Gili Air Island?

Gili Air Island usefull informations

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