How to visit Titicaca Lake – My experience of Titicaca Tour from Puno

When I prepared my 2-week tour in Peru, I wanted to book a 2-day trip to Lake Titicaca in advance with a homestay night. But everything I found on the web was very expensive! So, I did not book anything in advance and I waited to be in Puno to inform me and understand how to visit Lake Titicaca from Puno, how to go to Lake Titicaca, where are the floating islands, what are the possibilities of Lake Tititcaca tours, how long to spend on Lake Titicaca, how to sign up for a 2 day tour to visit 3 islands of Lake Tititcaca (Uros, Amantani and Taquile)? Here is the informations I got.

How to visit Lake Titicaca – Lake Titicaca 1 day tour

Many agencies or hotels in Puno offer you to make a day trip to Lake Titicaca from Puno. All offer the same excursion and at the same prices. The program of 1 day tour in Lake Titicaca consists in visiting 2 islands (Floating islands of Uros and Taquile Island):

  • You leave from Puno to visit the floating islands of Uros entirely built in reeds of Totoras. On these islands you will stay for about 2 hours as follows:
  1. Demonstration of the cultivation and use of totoras (reeds used to make their islands and houses);
  2. Visit of a dwelling;
  3. Songs of the Uros;
  4. Crossing in pirogue …
how to visit Lake titicaca the floatting islands of Uros
  • Then you take the boat towards Taquile, an island preserved from the modernity of the continent. The inhabitants, called Taquileños, still wear traditional clothes and are known for their high quality handicrafts and the art of knitting.
  • Then you have lunch on Taquile (not included in the price).
  • Return to Puno in the middle of the afternoon.
TAQUILE ISLAND in 1 day lake titicaca tour

How to visit Lake Titicaca – 1 day tour map

How to visit Lake Titicaca – Lake Titicaca 2 days tour

It is directly to our hotel that I booked this 2 days tour. It allow to visit Lake Titicaca in 2 days with discovery of 3 islands (Uros, Amantani and Taquile). A night at the inhabitant is included in the price. It is spent on the island of Amantani the homestay island of Titicaca Lake.

Hostal Virgen de las Nieves” Av Del Puerto, Puno, T +51 51 369565

For 30 Euros all inclusive, a bus picked us up at the hotel for the following program:

  • he dropped us off at the pier where we had to go by boat with a tour guide to the UROS floating islands,
  • then we took the boat back to the island of AMANTANI with an excursion to Mount PACHATATA at the end of afernoon to see the sunset,
  • lunch, dinner and overnight at the homestay on the island of AMANTANI,
  • then we take the boat back to the island of TAQUILE with hiking and guided tours,
  • lunch on the island of TAQUILE,
  • and finally, return by boat to PUNO in the afternoon of the 2nd day.

I chose this option to get a broader idea of ​​these famous Titicaca islands but especially to have the opportunity to sleep homestay on the island of Amantani. Unfortunately, this is the part of the tour that went the worst (see articles Day 8 and Day 9).

AMANTANI ISLAND the homestay island of titicaca lake

How to visit Lake Titicaca – 2 days tour map

For more details on this 2-day tour of Lake Titicaca with overnight stay, discover:



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