Cape on Torridon in the Highlands tour, itinerary and map

Cape on Torridon in the Highlands – My tour, my itinerary and my map

For the 7th day of our 2 weeks in Scotland, we depart from Inverness in direction of Kinlochewe access point to the Beinn Eighe and Torridon Nature Reserve.

7th day itinerary in Torridon to the Beinn Eighe reserve

  • Inverness
  • Kinlochewe
  • Torridon
  • Inverness

My tour in Torridon – Route map Inverness Torridon

My tour in Torridon – Beinn Eighe

This 7th day will be devoted entirely to the wild and grandiose nature of the Highlands. By going to Kinlochewe, we get closer to the imposing Torridon mountain range to access the Beinn Eighe nature reserve. It is the oldest national reserve in Britain, where several hiking trails start. The landscapes are sublime with mountains, loch, old pine forests …

To access it, go to the reception center to take cards and information. On site there is parking, bicycle storage, picnic facilities and signs.

itinerary in Torridon to the Beinn Eighe reserve
 tour in Torridon
Torridon Beinn Eighe Mountain

My tour in Torridon – Discover Torridon Park

The A896 that crosses the Glen Torridon from Kinlochewe village to Torridon passes between the mountains of Beinn Eigue and Liathach through a valley with breathtaking views. This route is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful roads in Scotland. Attention because very narrow and winding!

My torridon route in the Highlands in Scotland

My tour in Torridon – Back to Inverness

Very tired, we join with pleasure our cozy B & B for a good night’s rest!

And tomorrow, we go to:

the Loch Ness

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