My 2 week Peru tour - Trip planning for a budget trip

My 2 week Peru tour – Trip planning for a budget trip

In october 2016, with a couple of good friends and my husband, we decided to make a 2 week tour in Peru in backpacks. But as we didn’t have a big budget, we had to organize an economic tour. This is our trip planning to enjoy Peru in 2 weeks without a lot of money.

My 2 week Peru tour – Cheap flights to Peru

In January we stated looking for flights to Lima. And we decided very early because the more we wait, the more the prices of plane tickets for Peru flare up. Thus, we got a round trip Toulouse-Lima with IBERIA at 816 Euros. At this price, we had to add the Cuzco-Lima single-flight domestic of 90 Euros. For my bookings on the Internet, I usually go through: Expedia

My 2 week Peru tour – Why booking in advance?

We drew here and there informations to stop a good itinerary to visit the more interesting places in Peru. As we have little time on site (only 2 weeks), it was better to organize our trip by reserving in advance the hotels but especially the buses and other transports.

Indeed, given the long distances between major cities, the bus is the most economical way to travel to Peru. However, to be sure to leave on the date and at the chosen time, it is necessary to book in advance by Internet.

My 2 week Peru tour – Reasons to go to Peru

You will probably answer me for the MACHU PICCHU, the TITICACA lake or the NAZCA lines. Yes of course but not only!

This country attracted me for its geographical diversity: COSTA + SIERRA + SELVA. It is rare to be able to go from the Pacific coast to the desert, the Andes and the Amazon rainforest without crossing several borders.

And I had heard about the Peruvian gastronomy and its famous ceviche … I must admit that this point which also weighed on the scale of my choice (go read my article on our dinner at Astrid y Gaston).

Finally, the last criterion was the estimated budget of this 2 week tour in Peru. Indeed, you will see below that booking in advance, this trip was not too expensive.

My 2 week Peru tour – How long should I spend in Peru

16 days on site were not enough to visit all the beautiful sites of Peru. I had to decide and, reluctantly, give up visiting some places like the Ballestas Islands and the Paracas National Reserve on the ocean coast. I did not plan to go see the Amazon rainforest either. Indeed, it was complicated to organize at the logistics level and asked at least 3 days between flights and discovery on site …

I think the minimum duration of such a tour should be 21 days on site. But we do what we can with what we have and the short time we have!

Regarding the 16 days I spent in Peru, I find that the time on the sites and in the cities were sufficient to enjoy it without always looking at his watch.

My 2 week Peru tour – Which transport in Peru?

Which transport in Peru – Bus

The bus is the most economical way to travel into Peru. However, to be sure to leave on the date and time chosen, it is necessary to book in advance on the Internet including night buses and tourist buses.

Which transport in Peru – Private driver

For the Colca region and the Arequipa-Puno route, I opted for private transport. We booked a comfortable van with a super nice driver: Julio.

This formula saved us time because Julio made us discover sites without having to wait for a bus, a taxi … In addition, he took us on hikes where we could not have gone on our own. Finally, he drove us to PUNO stopping when we wanted, where we wanted, as much time as we wanted … It was perfect!

And the best part is that he took us to sleep at the end of the world: Granja del Colca. This place is totally isolated, perched in the canyon of Colca. Without a private transport, it is impossible to go to this place and it would have been a shame!

My 2 week Peru tour - Trip planning for a budget trip GRANJA DEL COLCO

My 2 week Peru tour – How much is a trip to Peru?

The total budget of this 15-day tour in Peru was 2 033 Euros per person all inclusive (flights, hotels, meals, activities)

My 2 week Peru tour – Cheap hotels in Peru

Among the positions where you can save money, it’s the budget hotel that really makes the difference. That’s why I booked cheap hotels. And here is the detailed budget of the hotels : My selection of cheap hotels in Peru.

The total hotel budget for this 15 day tour in Peru was only 413 Euros per couple.

My 2 week Peru tour –  What did I like?

  • The city of AREQUIPA was my favorite. Indeed, I loved its atmosphere, its climate but especially its restaurants and the convent of Santa Catalina, which must absolutely be discovered.
  • The area of ​​Colca next door is also very beautiful and really charmed me by its panoramas, its authenticity and its less touristic side than the other Peruvian sites.
  • The night in the GRANJA del COLCA will also remain one of my best memories.
  • Gastronomy: varied, creative, surprising and economical!
  • Peruvians! I give them 20/20 for the welcome, kindness and availability.
My 2 week Peru tour - Trip planning for a budget trip PERUVIANS

My 2 week Peru tour – What I did not like?

Lake TITICACA but there is a reason for that (see my article on Amantani). This not that I did not like but the context has made this trip left me with a bitter taste …

Discover now all the detailed stages and the map of my route:

Peru in 2 weeks my itinerary

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