Tayrona Park in 1 day how to visit how to go what to see

How to visit Tayrona Park in 1 day

How to go to Columbia without spending one day visiting the Tayrona National Park ? This is what we planned to do: visit Tayrona park in one day. Here is informations about how to go to Tayrona park, how to visit Tayrona park in 1 day and what to see in this beautiful park.

Tayrona Park in 1 day – How to go to Tayrona Park ?

The easiest way is to go to Tayrona Park from Santa Marta. This is what we did in the following way.

We take the Santa Marta bus for about 1 hour and arrive at the main entrance of the park (entry El Zaino) at 8:30. There are not too many people and the queue is not so long … During the waiting window, videos are looped to indicate the instructions for visits, prohibited things and other information on the park.

Attention, it is mandatory to present your passport. So, do not forget it otherwise back to square one: Santa Marta! As soon as we have our bracelet, we take a van to drop us 4 km away. But for the brave, this part can be done on foot.

how to visit tayrona national park in one day entry prices

Tayrona Park in 1 day – Program of the one-day tour

This is the classic one-day tour:

  • We start from the entrance El Zaino,
  • we see 3 beaches walking 2h30,
  • we stop at the beach El Cabo San Juan de Guia,
  • we take the Lunch on the spot,
  • we go back for 2h30 walk,
  • the return must be done around 14:30 because the park closes at 15:00.

So do not waste time …

Tayrona Park in 1 day – Hiking on Tayrona Park

We begin under a blazing sun this well motivated hike to put less than 2h30 to be able to swim as soon as possible!

This hike – because it is far from being a treck – presents no difficulty. It is almost flat everywhere and the trail is quite wide and well done. The only difficulty is the heat! It’s stuffy, we dribble with perspiration and we would not stop drinking …

Tayrona Park in 1 day – Tayrona Park Beaches

Tayrona Park Beaches – Arrecifes beach

This is the first beach we reach. It is wild, very rough and swimming is prohibited. We do not stop there and just take some pictures.

one day tour to visit park tayrona beaches

Tayrona Park Beaches – La piscina beach

This is the first beach in which it is possible to swim. The sea is calm because protected by rocks. The beach is big and beautiful!

Piscina beach in our one day tour in Tayrona park

Tayrona Park Beaches – Cabo San Juan del Guia beach

We arrive there finally after 2 hours of brisk walk. It was our Grail and we thought about it during the hike to get motivated …

On arrival, we are really not disappointed: the beach is simply sublime, splendid, wonderful!

On site there is a restaurant and I advise you to book upon arrival because it is quickly complete.

Best beach in tayrona park when we visited in 1 day
visit in 1 day Park tayrona and see the best beach
beautiful beach on tayrona park in our one day tour

Tayrona Park Beaches – The other Tayrona Park Beaches

They are numerous but impossible to go by the classic circuit of a day.

Some are accessible by boat (lancha) from Santa Marta, others by the other entrance of the park. The good plan would be to stay at least 2 days in the Park to see a little more (possibility of camping in the park).

Tayrona Park in 1 day – What to see outside the beaches?

Nature, still nature and always nature! But what nature !!!

The place is simply amazing, forest, mangrove, palm fields, monkeys, giant ant colonies, hummingbirds …

Tayrona Park in 1 day discover mounkeys
Tayrona Park in 1 day discover a beautiful nature

Tayrona Park in 1 day – Koguis from Tayrona Park

A community of Koguis Indians lives inside the park. We will not have the chance to go to their village Pueblito but we could meet. We bought them orange juice prepared on the spot and were able to exchange a little with them.

These natives are the descendants of the Tayronas, a pre-Columbian tribe that no longer exists today. The Koguis, who are only a few thousand, live far from civilization in the mountains of Sierra Nevada. They lead a simple but very spiritual life and are respectful of the nature that feeds them.

We were very happy to have met them but are worried and a little sad that tourism is invading their land …

Tayrona Park in 1 day discover koguis people
Tayrona Park in 1 day Koguis
Koguis child in tayrona park in one day

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