Welcome Indonesia our arrival in Yogyakarta airport and in our cheap hotel

Welcome Indonesia our arrival in Yogyakarta airport and in our cheap hotel

This is our 1st day in Indonesia : just an arrival at Yogyakarta airport and transfer by taxi to our cheap hotel in Yogyakarta historic center.

Arrival in Yogyakarta airport

We arrived at 21:00 at Yogyakarta airport. it is really very hot and humid. Very tired, we collect our luggage and look for a taxi to drop us at our Guest House.

Yogyakarta Airport Taxis

We had knowledge on the Internet that:

  • On leaving the airport, official taxis are available to travel to the city center.
  • Before getting into a taxi, you have to go to a ticket counter to get a 2,000 rupiah ticket, on the left when leaving the airport. The price of the run from the airport to the city center varies between 40,000 to 50,000 rupiahs.
  • There are also regular taxis, whose fare varies between 5,000 and 15,000 rupiahs. These are installed on the other side of the road because they do not have permission to park in the perimeter of the airport.
  • It takes about 30 minutes to fly from the airport to the city center.

Know that, as soon as customs pass, you will be accosted by dozens of people who will offer taxis. We “forced” the passage to pick one outside with whom we negotiated on the calculator (because he did not speak English). In the end, the price of the race will be 10 Euros (van for 5 people + 5 backpacks).

2 important informations about taxis in Indonesia:

The majority of taxis do not have GPS and the majority of the streets do not have a street name! And yes we are in Indonesia!

It is therefore essential to have an offline GPS on your mobile. I advise you to take the SYGIC application and download the map of Indonesia before your departure or to know landmarks near the hotel to indicate to the driver.

Our cheap hotel in Yogyakarta

I had found a really cheap and very well located hotel in the historical center of Yogyakarta in a very quiet and quiet little alley.

But our taxi (very friendly) had some trouble finding our OMAH KONCO Guest House at the following address: Jalan Magagan kulon KT1 / 59 KRATON 55133 Yogyakarta.

After several stops, returns, re-stops and returns, we are dropped right next to the KRATON PALACE (500 m) in a quiet side street. There was LABINA waiting for us to reserve the best possible reception.

She opens us the rooms. They are simple but clean, spacious and with WIFI and air conditioning! Then she offers us water, tea, coffee and smiles … She introduces herself and offers us advice on sites to visit, restaurants, cafes …

Labina was our little fairy in Yogya and we will always associate it with the happiness we had to discover this welcoming, calm and serene city.

The OMAH KONCO Guest House was a haven of peace in the city center. Its asset: a course arranged in an exotic garden with a beautiful fountain that invited to meditation …

In short, OMAH KONCO is a great address (17 Euros per night with breakfast) that I highly recommend.

A small flat, because there is always one … There was no sheet in the beds (but we will see later that is the case in the majority of Guest Houses in Indonesia).

More informations on Booking

our cheap hotel in yogyakarta in Indonesia

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