What to choose Seminyak or Canggu in Bali? best place to stay in Canggu or Seminyak

Seminyak or Canggu in Bali? best place to stay in Canggu or Seminyak

SEMINYAK or CANGGU? If you hesitate and don’t know which place to promote for your stay in Bali, we offer below the advantages and disadvantages of these two beautiful Bali places.

Why SEMINYAK might interest you?

Seminyak is located on the Southwestern coast of Bali, north of Kuta and Legian.

More rich and snobby than these 2 neighbors, it attracts more and more visitors. For this reason, we will study what are the advantages and disadvantages of Seminyak ….

Select Seminyak for its geographical location

Its location (just a few miles from Denpasar airport, but especially the temple of the famous Tanah Lot and all in front of a beautiful beach) is undoubtedly one of its first benefits!

In the same way as Kuta, Legian or Canggu, its position is perfect for sightseeing, enjoying beaches but also getting closer to the airport at the beginning or at the end of a trip.

Select Seminyak for touristime?

There are not too many temples in Seminyak, except for some small ones that we will sometimes discover at the corner of a street …

By cons, a few km by car or scooter, you will have the opportunity to easily visit the heart of the island of Bali with its many beautiful temples and famous rice terraces.

Select Seminyak for its beautiful beach

Seminyak beach is one of Bali’s most important and beautiful beaches. Very large, it starts from Kuta Beach and then arrives to Canggu.

Along this beach, you will find sunbeds, pubs, snacks, clubs … This place is very popular with holidaymakers from all over the world!

Especially since it is, moreover, a fabulous surf spot and that, anywhere along this beach, you will have the opportunity to rent surfboards …

Finally, in the evening, you will enjoy small pleasant places, in vogue, to sip some delicious cocktails while contemplating the sunset …

Select Seminyak for its atmosphere

In Seminyak, the atmosphere is cool, relaxed conversely in Kuta. She happens to be also more fashionable, classy, ​​rich. You will discover many restaurants and sumptuous hotels. It is in Seminyak that you can rent beautiful villas paradise in the center of the rice fields with high quality services.

To relax, you can enjoy spas, massages, meditation sessions …

Finally, if you are looking for a party or going out at night, Seminyak is a trendy place with many cafes, clubs, discotheques …

Select Seminyak for shopping

It will be in Seminyak that you will have to go if you like the beautiful fashion boutiques. In fact, in recent years, stylists from all over the world have been going out there and selling their models and creations to well-off tourists …

Among the many luxury boutiques, there are also jewelery stores and beautiful design and furniture stores.

Select Seminyak for its hotel offering

In fact, the list of luxury hotels in Seminyak is very large. If you are looking for a 5 star hotel, a resort or, better, a dream villa, you are spoiled for choice.

Unfortunately, the offer of cheap hotels in Seminyak is much smaller … It is for this reason that I will announce below the two good and cheap hotels that I could find.

Best Cheap Hotel in Seminyak

Bale Seminyak (32 Euros per night)

Why choose this hotel?

  • For its location: only 1 minute walk to the beach!
  • For its small price: overnight from 32 €;
  • Because there is a very nice swimming pool;
  • For its tranquility and cleanliness;
  • For its services: bed and breakfast, TV, wifi, parking, bicycle rental …

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Best hotel deal in Seminyak

Here is probably the best value for money (104 € per night for a fully equipped studio): Petitenget 501 **** More information on Booking

Why prefer this accommodation?

  • Because it is an elegant apart-hotel: air-conditioned apartments with fitted kitchen, living room with flat-screen satellite TV …
  • For its position in a classy neighborhood about 200 m from the beach and a few tens of minutes walk from the famous Potato Head promenade, trendy bars and good restaurants;
  • Compared to its many services: beautiful swimming pool, bike or car rental service, massage sessions, laundry service, shuttle bus …
  • For its singularity (quality hotel with modernist and simple design);
  • For its very good value for money.

What can we disapprove in Seminyak?

Maybe to be a place to stay a bit more expensive and snobbish than other places on the Southwestern coast of Bali


Why CANGGU could interest you?

Small town, Canggu is located on the south-west coast of Bali. Far less popular than its close neighbors Kuta, Seminyak or even Sanur, CANGGU yet has enough to attract tourists! This small town has become for many years the most fashionable place in Bali. Let’s see why?

Select Canggu for its geographical position

Canggu is South-west of Bali with Kuta to the North (about 10 km), Denpasar and its international airport about six km to the East and Tanah Lot just a few km. Moreover, CANGGU is facing a long beach that stretches for about 10 kms.

Its position is thus perfect for a beginning of circuit (to radiate around or to enjoy the pleasures of the beach). You can plan this place sometimes at the end of your stay because it is right next to the international airport.

It is true that, from Canggu, you can easily reach the Tanah Lot, Kuta, Legian or Seminyak by scooter or car. Some sites inside Bali can be discovered by taxi or scooter by organizing 1-day excursion.

Select Canggu for a tourist route

  • Because Canggu is next to the beautiful and famous temple Tanah Lot;
  • But also, for its temples on the street of Jalan Batu Bolong, without forgetting the temple of the dead: Pura Merajapati, the Pipitan cemetery and finally along the beach: the temples of Pura Batu Bolong and Pura Batu Mejan.

Select Canggu for its great beaches and especially for its famous surf spots

The beaches around Canggu are famous for being good surf spots and stretching for about eight kilometers.

Below you will find the three beaches with the best surf spots in Canggu:

  • Echo Beach
  • Berawa Beach
  • Batu Bolong Beach

But these beaches will also be appreciated for idleness and for the beautiful romantic sunsets …

Choosing Canggu to rest

If you are looking for a cool, relaxed, relaxing atmosphere, this is where you will have to go. Indeed, apart from a few busy shopping streets with a few well-placed bars to watch the sunset, Canggu is a dream place to relax. In addition, many institutions offer yoga lessons.

Select Canggu for its good restaurants

Indeed, if you want to enjoy more and more often cheaper elsewhere, Canggu has many delicious restaurants for all tastes: local cuisine, vegetarian, vegan, organic, Italian … You can even find there hamburgers!

Here are several recommendations: Warung Dandelion, Warung Bu Mi, Moana Fish Eatery, Quince …

Choose Canggu to stay

Indeed, the range of cheap hotels in Canggu is wide and varied! Whether you want a dream villa, an Airbnb rental, a homestay or a superb hotel, you can quickly find a nice place at a great rate.

Best Cheap Hotel in Canggu

This is the Canggu Bona Kubu (27 € per night including breakfast)

Why choose this hotel in Canggu?

  • For its location: near the beaches and in the heart of beautiful rice fields;
  • Because there is a nice pool;
  • For any mini fare with breakfast;
  • Because it’s cool and clean;
  • For the qualities of his staff.

Best hotel deal in Canggu

Hotel selected above all for its value for money (exceptional for its services): Udara Bali Yoga Detox & Spa

Why would you prefer this hotel in Canggu?

  • For its location in front of the beach and its 2 swimming pools;
  • Because it is cool and its atmosphere is “zen” (yoga sessions for free and under dream conditions);
  • For its character (Indonesian traditional style);
  • Compared to its many services (meditation cave, bar offering real fruit juice by the pool, hot or cold jacuzzis, Watsu swimming pool, Finnish sauna, herbal steam room, spa …
  • For its wide choice of menus (wide range of tasty organic and / or vegetarian dishes;
  • For its great value for money.

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What could we criticize in Canggu?

I searched in the reactions of bloggers but also surfers on Tripdavisor or on the backpacker … I could not read a single review on CANGGU!

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