bus Puno Cusco a tourist bus to go from Puno to Cusco while visiting

Bus Puno Cusco a tourist bus to go from Puno to Cusco while visiting

After studying the different transport options to go from Puno to Cusco after our stay at Lake Titicaca, I concluded that the best solution was the tourist bus Puno Cusco. Indeed, it allowed us to travel from Puno to Cusco in 1 day for a little cost and visit the region at the same time because the trip is punctuated with stops to visit large and beautiful sites. Look at our TouristPuno Cusco bus tour!

Stop and sightseeing itinerary of the Puno Cuzco Bus

This is the program of visits :

  • Puno
  • Pucara
  • Raya Pass
  • Sicuani Valley
  • Wiracocha Temple in Racchi
  • St. Peter Apostle Church in Andahuaylillas
  • Cusco
Tourist bus Puno Cusco

Map of the Tourist Puno Cusco bus itinerary

Tourist bus PUNO CUZCO – Booking

Departure 7:00 tourist bus TOURISMO MER from the address below: Av 28 de Julio (1st paradero) PUNO T 084-245171 or 984-615597

Price per person $ 60 – All inclusive: trip + entrance to the sites + meals

I booked the tickets in advance on their website: http://www.turismomer.com

We left for 10 hours (including stops, visits and lunch). The bus is comfortable but with bottom heating. I had a bad place with the feet at the exit of an air vent at least 40 degrees! No way to lower the heat, I’m told ??? No matter, I supported.

Tourist bus PUNO CUZCO – Sightseeing

Tourist bus PUNO CUZCO Sightseeing – Pucará

1st stop. Here we visit the ruins of a military construction that was part of Cuzco’s defense system under the INCA empire. PUCARA (which stands for FORTRESS) is made of large walls, terraces, stairs and streets lined with sidewalks.


Tourist visits by Bus PUNO CUZCO – The Raya pass

Beautiful and impressive because we go up to 4,338 m.

Our raya pass in the itinerary of the bus puno cusco

Tourist bus PUNO CUZCO Sightseeing – Raqchi / Wiracocha Temple

Then, down to the valley of Sicuani near which we will visit Racchi at 3 500 m: “the temple of Wiracocha”, creator god INCA. This site has several houses, terraces and temples.

racchi a stop visit of tourist bus puno cusco
raqchi a stop visit of tourist bus puno cusco

Tourist bus PUNO CUZCO Sightseeing – Andahuaylillas

There is the church SAINT PIERRE APOTRE which was built in the sixteenth century. Baroque in style, it has paintings from the Cuzco School that developed at the beginning of the Spanish occupation, original woodwork and ornaments. This modest-looking church is known as the Sistine Chapel of Peru for all its inner riches.

Tourist bus Puno Cusco visit

Bus PUNO CUZCO – Arrival in Cusco

Arrival in Cuzco around 17:20 where Arnaud was waiting for us by car to bring us in his house a little outside the city center.

This French married to a Peruvian and settled there for several years puts a few rooms of his own house to rent. These rooms are large and comfortable. But the shower rooms are common and the electrical installation is not very secure … Moreover the house is a little far from the city center which will require us to take a taxi to get there (no restaurant nearby).

Otherwise Arnaud, very friendly character and lover of Peru, gives very good advice and facilitates the stay of French in the region of Cuzco (visit the archaeological sites, Matchu Picchu …). That’s why I do not regret my choice.

Installation in our rooms and debriefing on the 3 days in the region of Cuzco. You will find Arnaud’s contact details below if you wish to contact him: At Arnaud and Evita – alagadec@yahoo.com Tel 984-47-52-05

Bus PUNO CUZCO – What did I like?

The principle of making a long journey but with interesting tourist and cultural stops. On arrival, it does not feel like you’ve done all those bus hours. I appreciated the organization, the punctuality and the respect of the program of visits.

Bus PUNO CUZCO – What I did not like?

Heating in the bus !!! and the meal in a huge tourist restaurant. 

Discover without delay the discovery day of PISAC and CUZCO:

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