Bali center tour - What to see around Ubud

Bali center tour – What to see around Ubud

For our 8th day of our beautiful circuit in Indonesia, we go on an excursion in the center of Bali around the city of Ubud. These visits will require a full day but at a relaxed pace that allows you to enjoy the places and restaurants without looking at the clock!

Map of my visit itinerary in the center of Bali

Bali Center Tour around Ubud – My tour Program

  • Village of Penglipuran
  • Kehen Temple
  • Village of Rendang
  • Rice terraces of Rendang

Central Bali Tour – Penglipuran Village near Ubud

Price: 30 000 RP is about 2 Euros per person

Departure for the Bangli area to visit the village of Penglipuran. It is one of the oldest villages in Bali (built around 700) and still adheres to ancestral customs and culture now lost elsewhere. It is a very interesting place to discover: a bit like a living museum because it is still inhabited … The ideal is to go there very early in the morning because from 10:00, the tourist buses disembark and pollute this beautiful village!

What worries me a little bit is the souvenir shops that have settled inside the village and that spoil the “authentic” side of the site. But on the other hand, this allows the Balinese to continue to live in this small traditional village and thus bring a little life, animation and friendliness!

Bali center tour - What to see around Ubud PENGLIPURAN OLD VILLAGE

Central Bali Tour – Kehen Temple

Price: 15 000 RP is about 1 Euro per person

Then continue to Kehen temple; one of the most “vibratory” temples of Bali, a temple celebrating death (pura dalem): Pura Kehen. Built on 3 terraces, the temple dedicated to Shiva is inhabited by a hundred statues (barong, elephants, dragons, turtles) all more beautiful than the others. The visit is made in 20 minutes but we like to contemplate the work of sculptors and to draw inspiration from the waves or spirits that roam …

Small practical information: if you have a sarong, think to take it for you to dress because it is almost mandatory … but know at the entrance, with the price of the ticket, we will lend you one to visit the temple.

Bali center tour - Temples near Ubud

Central Bali Tour – Lunch at Rice Terrace Cafe Restaurant

Lunch in a local restaurant overlooking the valley and rice terraces in the village of Rendang. Nice menu of Indonesian dishes but also international dishes.

Meal a bit more expensive than average in Bali but the view of the rice fields is impregnable !!! When we sit at the table, we do not talk with our neighbors, we do not look at the dishes that arrive, no … we contemplate the spectacle of a beautiful landscape in front of us!

Count about 6 Euros a dish + drink for lunch.

What to see around Ubud Rice terrace café

Central Bali Tour – Village of Rendang and rice terraces

Then, walk in the rice fields to make beautiful pictures …

Bali center tour - What to see around Ubud Rice terraces

Dinner at the Melting Wok Warung restaurant in Ubud

For the evening, I had booked the Melting Wok Warung restaurant in Ubud: a must when you are in Ubud. It is in the market street.

I recommend in main course the curry chicken or fish with coconut milk. Then finish with their dessert specialty: caramel cream with a scoop of vanilla ice cream (see below). But the top is the crepe with coconut syrup with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. I’m still salivating !!! The price is very reasonable because it runs around 5 to 8 Euros the complete meal of the evening (dish, dessert, drinks).

This restaurant is so popular that it only takes a reservation. So do not hesitate to give them a little email to be sure of having places …

What to see around Ubud Melting wok restaurant in Ubud

As we are very tired, we walk back directly to our hotel ESTY HOUSE

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