Best restaurant in Panama City

Best restaurants in Panama City

This is my selection of the 5 best restaurants in Panama City even if before I never thought it would have so much good food in Panama ! And yet, thanks to the mix of Afro-Caribbean and Latin American cultures, Panama’s gastronomy reflects the diversity of the country’s populations.

From simple, hearty and delicious dishes to refreshing ceviches to more elaborate, refined and exquisite dishes, Panamanian cuisine is multiple and combines with meat, seafood, coconut rice and fruits, exotic and local vegetables like yucca, corn and plantains.

Here are my favorite restaurants in Panama City.

Best restaurants in Panam City – El Trapiche (not expensive)

Here is a restaurant specializing in typical and traditional Panamanian cuisine. It has been around since 1983 and is very popular because you eat well and cheap (additions ranging from 10 to 20 USD)!

2 restaurants El Trapiche are available in Panama City:

  • Via Argentina, El Cangrejo, Panama City
  • Albrook Mall, Panama City
Best restaurant in Panama City EL TRAPICHE CASUELA MARISCOS panama city

Best restaurants in Panama City – El Caribe Restaurant (not expensive)

Here is one of the best restaurants in Panama City that serves typical Caribbean dishes.

With extremely fresh seasonal products, sauces made from coconut oil and peppers, the specialties are jerk chicken, cod fritters and octopus with coconut sauce.

If you want animation, I recommend going on Friday night to enjoy Karaoke.

Like El Trapiche, the El Caribe restaurant is located in the district of El Cangrejo on Via Argentina.

 Via Argentina, Edificio 13 – El Cangrejo, Panama City

El Caribe one of the Best restaurants in Panama City

Best restaurants in Panama City – Small restaurants at Mercado de Mariscos (really cheap)

Here is a cheap place to eat the best ceviches in Panama City! Behind the fish market (el Mercado de Mariscos) are several dozens of small outdoor restaurants offering colorful fish and seafood dishes.

The ceviches (raw fish, octopus or prawns) are marinated in citrus juice and spiced with red pepper and other spices. Count 10 USD a ceviche or 20 USD for a beautiful lobster. It’s without fuss, a little noisy but very authentic!

Best restaurants in PANAMA CITY restaurant fish market

Best restaurants in Panama City – El mercadito biologico (average prices)

This restaurant is very innovative. With a ten-course menu, eight of which are main dishes and the other two of delicious desserts, this restaurant succeeds in proving that eating healthy can be fun and greedy! In addition to being an organic food store, this place has become a cafeteria whose particularity is to make a healthy and creative cuisine.

Calle 67 Este & Avenida 3 Sur, Panama City

restaurant el mercadito in my selection of 5 best restaurants in Panama City

Best restaurants in Panama City – Grapes Restaurant and Bar (quite high prices)

If you want to spend an evening of dreams in an exceptional place, this restaurant is the best in Panama City. Located in the Casco Viejo district, the decor is very cozy with a cozy and romantic atmosphere.

If you have to choose a refined and superior cuisine accompanied by impeccable service, do not hesitate to come and discover this restaurant which has obtained the Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor in 2017!

Calle 8, Casco Antiguo, Panama City

The best restaurant in Panama City

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