Aberdeenshire tour: Glamis Castle - Braemar Castle and Balmoral Castle itinerary with map

Aberdeenshire – Glamis Castle – Braemar – Balmoral Castle – itinerary map

For the 3rd day of our 2 week tour in Scotland, we depart from Saint Andrews heading to Queen’s Castle Balmoral via Dundee.

Itinerary of our 3rd day in Aberdeenshire

  • Saint Andrews
  • Dundee
  • Glamis Castle
  • Braemar Castle
  • Balmoral Castle

My Aberdeenshire tour Map

Itinerary of our 3rd day in Aberdeenshire

It’s under constant rain that we leave St Andrews to drive to our next stop: Dundee. Even if I had to stop there because I had read that Dundee was a city with many facets and with some interesting tourist attractions, I must admit that in the rain, I flatly gave up visiting …

My Aberdeenshire tour in Scotland – Glamis Castle

After Edinburgh Castle, we will attack the visits of a long list of Scottish castles. And we’re opening the ball with one of the biggest and most beautiful: Glamis Castle!

It is in this castle that Queen Mother Elizabeth grew up. She gave birth to Princess Margaret, sister of Her Majesty Elizabeth II. Since 1987, an illustration of the castle appears on the ten-pound note!

I enjoyed the tour with some historical anecdotes but especially the legend of the ghost that haunts the castle. Note that the gardens are huge and beautiful.

Aberdeenshire tour in Scotland Glamis Castle

My Aberdeenshire tour in Scotland – Braemar Castle

This castle is small and atypical with its keep flanked by turrets. It dates from 1628 and was used as a residence during hunting periods. About fifteen rooms are visited for their period furniture.

My Aberdeenshire tour and the Braemar Castle

My Aberdeenshire tour in Scotland – Balmoral Castle

This is the Queen’s castle and we had the chance to catch a glimpse of it in her car. Unfortunately, we were buying our tickets and we just had time to go back to see her go. On the stroke of surprise, I did not have the reflex to take the picture. Queen Elizabeth goes there regularly because she uses this castle as a summer residence.

Do not expect to visit all the rooms of the castle. No, only the ballroom and its royal souvenir exhibition is open to visitors.

Aberdeenshire tour in Scotland The queen's Balmoral Castle

My Aberdeenshire tour in Scotland – Cheap Hotel near Balmoral

At 20 minutes from the Balmoral Castle, I found a very nice Bed and Breakfast: Crannach House. Even if the campaign is very beautiful, the beautiful setting and the beautiful building, I must say that it is Doug the owner who charmed us the most!

Very kind, considerate, attentive, he knew how to make our stay unforgettable. And what about breakfast with bacon, eggs, pancakes and homemade bread! Price: 89 € including breakfast.

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