Gili Air Island in 4 days a relaxing stay on an island paradise

Gili Air Island in 4 days a relaxing stay on an island paradise

Here are my impressions after my 4 day stay on Gili Air Island (how I found the island, what I liked, what I liked less).

How long to stay in Gili Air Island?

4 days in Gili Air island is a good compromise to end the circuit with rest and relaxation in a little corner of paradise!

Staying more than four days for a 15-day circuit would have been disproportionate … 4 days are more than enough to decompress well before returning and find our pace of life metro-work-sleep.

What did I like about Gili Air?

I loved this little piece of island: the relaxed atmosphere, life without cars, restaurants, people, the sun, in short a little everything!

This is a place where tourism has not damaged the place. Indeed, there are no cars, no big hotels so no mass tourism and not a lot of souvenir shops either …

I liked the contact with the locals who is always with a smile and in the “Zenitude” specific to this little piece of island.


Finally, I loved the hotel I had booked: Unzipp Bungalows

It is located in front of the most beautiful spots of snorkeling of the island and also has a beautiful swimming pool. In addition, the restaurant where we also take breakfast is facing the sea with the sea air and the sound of the waves … The price paid was interesting for GILI AIR: 37 Euros per night with breakfast included.

GILI AIR IN 4 DAYS Cheap hotel on Gili Air

What I didn’t like on Gili Air Island?

Always locals say yes … but we had bad surprises!

We had gone to the pier 2 days before our departure to validate the date and time of our reservation. We were told: YES on everything.

However, when the day before departure, we went to register as agreed on the first departure the next day and we are told that there is no room! We had to talk, negotiate and we finally arrived at our ends.

Another example :

The day before departure, I ask the hotel if it is possible that they serve us breakfast at 7am. Of course, I am told YES! but the next day, no one was there to prepare breakfast for us …

Want to know how to get to Gili Air

and know the activities that can be practiced on Gili Air:

GILI AIR usefull information.

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