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Cheap hotels in Peru according my 2 week Peru tour

To have peace of mind and not waste time in Peru, I searched in advance for cheap hotels well located in Peru in secure and convenient areas for tourism. Usually I book my hotels in advance on Booking. It’s easy and flexible because you can cancel until 2 days before! Look at my selection of cheap hotels in Peru according my 2 week Peru tour.

Cheap hotels in Peru – How to select cheap hotels

The selection of CHEAP HOTELS IN PERU has taken a lot of time to finalize. Indeed, it is necessary to compare the geographical situations, services, prices, opinions …

Here are the reservations I made 6 month before because the earlier we reserve, the more choices we have and lower the prices are.

Cheap hotels in Peru – My selection following my 2 weeks tour (15 nights)

I thought I could find very cheap hotels in Peru … However, when my research began, I quickly realized that it was not won … But as I took it well in advance, I still found very good addresses! All the prices of the hotels below are given for double rooms with breakfast included.

Cheap hotels in Peru – Residential Carlos in Lima

The choice of this hotel is relative to its price as it was just a stopover. However, I made sure it was not too far from the bus station for the next morning. Finally, I would say that the reception was perfect, the rooms ok and clean.

PRICE: 42 Euros More information on Booking

Cheap hotels in Peru – Hostal Curasi in Huacachina

I selected this hotel for its very good location (at the foot of the dunes and in the heart of the oasis) and of course for its price quite adequate. As a bonus, we could enjoy a beautiful pool and a nice view. I recommend !

My selection of cheap hotels in Peru in Ica

PRICE: 42 Euros More information on Booking

Cheap hotels in Peru – El patio de Elisa in Arequipa

I booked this hotel because recommended by Thomas (our local contact) especially for its great location and of course for its great price. Indeed, it was in the center of AREQUIPA and allowed us to do everything on foot (sightseeing, restaurants, shopping …). It is a strategic location! In addition, I particularly enjoyed the breakfast on the terrace … I can say that this is really a very good hotel in Arequipa.

PRICE: 33 Euros More information on Booking

Cheap hotels in Peru – La Granja del Colca in Cabanaconde

Perched more than 3,200 m, this tiny hotel and restaurant dominates the Grand Canyon of Colca. The place is unique in the world! Again it was Thomas who had recommended and I was not disappointed.

This is a magical place, full of charm and for its exceptional location, I would say that it is surely the best hotel in the Colca region!

Warning: As this hotel is lost at the end of the world, it is not easy to access. So, do not plan to stay there if you do not have a private vehicle or driver or plan the helicopter

PRICE: 58 Euros More information on Booking

cheap hotels in peru Cabanaconde

Cheap hotels in Peru –  Virgen de las nieves in Puno

This modest hotel is part of my selection always for its location. Indeed, it is located a few minutes from the pier for the islands of Lake Titicaca. The rooms are very small and the hotel is a bit noisy. But the welcome was great! They offered us the 2 day trip to Lake Titicaca at an unbeatable price. Also, they serve breakfast at the requested time (even very early) and it was pretty good. Finally, icing on the cake he has WIFI! So for the price, it’s really not bad …

PRICE: 16 Euros More information on Booking

Cheap hotels in Peru – Accommodation in Arnaud House in Cuzco

For the development of the itinerary before the trip, we had contacted Arnaud ALAGADEC. This French married to a Peruvian and installed in CUZCO for several years has proposed to rent us 2 of his rooms. No regrets on the side of the rooms which were large and comfortable. But a small flat for common shower rooms that had a very insecure electrical installation … Moreover the house is a little far from the city center which requires us to take a taxi to get downtown, sights or just at the restaurant. Note that the taxi ride cost just 3 Euros! However, I still recommend especially for the reception, the personality, the kindness and the precious advices of Arnaud.

For this purpose, you will find his contact details below if you wish to contact him: At Arnaud and Evita – Fixed: 23-22-32 Portable: 984-47-52-05 PRICE: 27 Euros

Cheap hotels in Peru – El mistico Machu Picchu in Aguas Calientes

My selection criteria for this hotel: it is in the center of Aguas Caliente and near the bus station for Machu Picchu. In addition, I found the room very pretty and comfortable (although our night did not last even 2 hours …). Otherwise the WIFI was good and we were within walking distance of the bus station and train station for the return. Very good choice in the end.

PRICE: 34 Euros – More information on Booking

Cheap hotels in Peru – Hospedaje Dimar Inn in Lima

The choice of this hotel is in relation to its location in the tourist and lively district of MIRAFLORES. From this hotel you have walking access to all the bars and restaurants to go out at night … I found it very well placed also to organize sightseeing and its price is ok in comparison with the other hotels of the same category in LIMA . Again, I can say that this is really the right hotel plan for LIMA.

PRICE: 31 Euros – More information on Booking

Cheap hotels in Peru – Budget hotels for my 2 weeks in Peru

The total budget hotel for the 15 nights of my tour in Peru is 413 Euros per couple. Here is the detail on the following table:

Date City Hotel In €
15-oct Lima Residencial Carlos 42
16-oct Huacachina Hostal Curasi 42
17-oct Bus Bus 0
18-oct Arequipa El Patio de Elisa 33
19-oct Arequipa El Patio de Elisa 33
20-oct Cabanaconde Granja del Colca 58
21-oct Puno Virgen de las Nieves 16
22-oct Amantani Island Price included in our Tour 0
23-oct Puno Virgen de las Nieves 16
24-oct Cusco Arnaud home 27
25-oct Cusco Arnaud home 27
26-oct Aguas Calientes El mistico Machu Picchu 34
27-oct Cusco Arnaud home 27
28-oct Cusco Arnaud home 27
29-oct Lima Hospedaje Dimar Inn 31
Total Price for 2 people 413

More photos, impressions, information about these hotels? You will find them reading the articles from day to day: Day 1 Day 2 Day 6 Day 7 Day 15

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