How to visit Tatacoa Desert in 1 day this is my tatacoa tour

How to visit Tatacoa Desert in 1 day – My Tatacoa tour

Finally the big day ! We will explore this desert of Tatacoa so hard to reach and so hoped! Here is the course of our day which confirmed to us that we had really done well to choose Colombia for this trip! So if you want to know how is the visit of Tatacoa Desert in 1 day, look at my Tatacoa tour.

What is the Tatacoa Desert?

First of all, we must know that it is actually a dry forest and not a real desert. With a total surface area of ​​330 km2, this area is made up of the red zone of Cusco (red desert) and the gray zone of Los Hoyos (grey desert).

Tatacoa desert Tour

The tuc-tuc (which must be booked in advance see article: Tatacoa Desert Visit Organization) picks you up at the hotel.

Tatacoa desert Tour – Red desert

The tuc-tuc drops you directly at the top of the red desert and lets you hike freely from 1 to 2 hours.

It is to my taste the most beautiful of the two. The colors are incredible and the change of scenery is total!

Red desert in our Tatacoa Tour in one day
one day to visit tatacoa desert a tour in the red desert
How to visit tatacoa desert in one day First the red desert

Tatacoa desert Tour – Grey desert

Then, the tuc-tuc will take you to the grey desert. Several stops to enjoy nice views … Then, the driver goes down with you and ensures you a nice guided tour of this surprising desert. The latter is much more bland than the red desert but our guide was able to tell us anecdotes, make us guess forms, joke with us and make the visit very interesting. The hike takes about 45 minutes.

Tatacoa desert panoramic in our tatacoa tour in 1 day
How to visit tatacoa desert in one day then the gray desert
Gray desert How to visit tatacoa desert in one day

You will have free time to swim in a pool they say “natural” which means in fact it is filled with natural water from a source in the basement of the desert. Price: 4,000 COP. After 4:00, the tuc tuc brings us back to our hotel in Villavieja.

Know that you can camp in the desert if you want to spend several days there because there are campsites and restaurants on the site. However, I must admit that I was very happy to have booked a very comfortable hotel with air conditioning to be able to rest from this exploration!

The next day, we will take the road to go to the coffee region:

Desert Route of Tatacoa – Armenia

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