Ascent of Bromo Volcano and how to go from Bromo ti Ijen Banyuwangi

Ascent of Bromo Volcano and Bromo Banyuwangi

Wondering how to go from Bromo Volcano to Ijen Volcano? This is how our 5th day took place with the discovery of one of the most majestic volcanoes in Indonesia: the BROMO volcano and our trip from Bromo to Banyuwangi (10h drive by car with restaurant and waterfall stops).

Map of our route Bromo Volcano Banyuwangi

Bromo volcano – Sunrise facing the volcano

Departure from the hotel around 4am (when we were announced 3:00 but that’s the way to Indonesia …). The hotel had ordered a 4X4 (250 000 RP / person or about 17 Euros) to see the sunrise on the volcano BROMO. The ascent of Mount Penanjakan begins at dawn, by a small path through the vegetable plantations, to finish in the jungle, before arriving at the observatory.

The arrival in 4X4 is surreal. We go to the bottom with the very loud horn that changes music without stopping. Intense traffic of 4X4 ​​at the top and a sound of hell unfortunately remind you that we are not the only ones wanting to marvel at the volcano Bromo!

going to bromo volcano

When we arrive on site we are gripped by the cold. Indeed, we are at altitude and it is 5am!

So plan a good polar and what to nibble because the wait is a little long empty stomach.

Small disappointment: from the point of view, we do not see the sun rise behind the Bromo. But we can see the smoking Bromo, lit up with beautiful colors ranging from purple to orange.

Ascent of Bromo Volcano and Bromo Banyuwangi

Bromo volcano – Ascension to the crater

After sunrise, we left in 4X4 towards the volcano and we walked through the valley of volcanic sand. Know that you have the possibility to rent a horse for IDR 150,000 / person return, about 10 Euros.

Above, on the crater, one is seized by the vision of that infernal mouth from which, with an impressive noise, escapes a thick yellow-white cloud with a strong smell of sulfur. Count about 1h: the ridge trail is easy but there are many people. Arrived at the top, one can also contemplate the extraordinary panorama on the caldera and the other volcanoes.

Ascent of Bromo Volcano into the crater

Go from Bromo Volcano to IJEN Volcano (Banyuwangi)

Departure by mini-bus to Banyuwangi which is the most convenient stage to discover the crater of the volcano IJEN the next day.

10:00 of road: the state of the road is very bad and our driver is mistaken several times. It is therefore very long and tiring but it is the price to pay to access the most noble and majestic volcanoes of Indonesia! These exceptional places are worthy …

Where to sleep in Banyuwangi?

For the 2 nights on Banyuwangi, I chose the Guest House DIDU ‘S HOMESTAY BED AND BREAKFAST.

Attention, again, we had a hard time finding the address without GPS. In addition, it is dark and the streets are not lit. Difficult to find an address in these conditions.

Fortunately on arrival, the welcome was great and warm. We discover a zen place in a peaceful setting with the impression of being in the middle of a tropical garden. The bungalows are beautifully decorated. Possibility of being massaged: 1h for 50 000 RP or 3.5 Euros. You can ask Maya to book the Ijen volcano tour or prepare the take-away breakfast for the next day at 4:00 am.

Price: 16 Euros per night with a delicious breakfast included!

More information on Booking

Ascent of Bromo Volcano and cheap hotel in Banyuwangi
Ascent of Bromo Volcano and cheap hotel in Banyuwangi
cheap hotel in Banyuwangi in Indonesia

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