My selection of cheap hotels in Colombia

To have peace of mind and not waste time on the touristic places in Colombia looking for cheap hotels well located in secure and convenient areas for tourism, I usually book my hotels in advance on Booking. It’s easy and flexible because you can cancel until the day before!

Cheap Hotels in Colombia following my 3 week tour (25 nights)

The selection of CHEAP HOTELS IN COLOMBIA has taken a lot of time. Indeed, it is necessary to compare the geographical situations, the services, the prices, the opinions …

In parallel, I did research on the neighborhoods of big cities like for example: Bogota districts, Medellin districts or Cartagena districts.

Herebelow, you can find my selection of cheap hotels in Colombia.


Day 1-2 – Bogota Saint Simon Hotel

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Located in the Zona Rosa district, near the Andino and Atlantis shopping centers, it has a restaurant and free Wi-Fi. I chose this hotel first for its location (the safest area of ​​Bogota) and for its comfort. And these two criteria in Bogota necessarily imply a price a little higher than average.

cheap hotel in colombia bogota

PRICE: 47 € per night with breakfast

Days 3-4 – Tatacoa desert – Colonial Hotel in Villavieja

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I chose this hotel also for its location since it is located in the nearest village of the Tatacoa desert. The price is a little high for Colombia but I absolutely wanted air conditioning and the bathroom in the room. It has free WIFI. In short, all the comfort I wanted …

PRICE: 36 € per night with breakfast

Cheap hotel in tatacoa desert in Colombia

Day 5 – Armenia – Comfortel Hotel

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I chose this cheap hotel because it was in the city center and very close to a bus station. It was therefore a simple hotel-stage.

PRICE: 21 € per night with breakfast


Days 6-7-8 – Salento – Hostal familial Jerico

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I chose this cheap hotel because it is a guest house. It was very welcoming, the house is typical and old and very well located. In addition there is free WIFI. I think it’s a good plan!

PRICE: 15 € per night

salento cheap hotel in colombia

Days 9-10-11 Medellin – Poblado Manila Guest House

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I chose this Guest House for several reasons:

  • Its geographical location because it is in the calm and nice district for tourists: EL POBLADO;
  • The fact that it is an apartment because we will stay there for 3 nights and I plan to do some laundry because it has a washing machine !!!
  • The beautiful terrace with views on which we can eat or take our breakfasts;
  • Its price very interesting compared to hotels in the same area;
  • In addition, the owner Arthur is French and very nice and friendly!

PRICE: 21 € per night without breakfast

 medellin our cheap hotel in medellin the terrace

Days 12-13-14-15 Santa Marta – Park Hotel

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I chose this cheap hotel for several reasons:

  • Its exceptional geographical location because it is in the historical and lively district of Santa Marta close to tourist sites, restaurants, public transport and beachfront!
  • Its swimming pool (small but nice …);
  • WIFI;
  • Good internet reviews.

PRICE: 36 € per night with breakfast

colombia cheap hotel in santa marta

Days 17-18 – Minca – Glamping Hotel

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Why this hotel? Because the wooden bungalows are located in the mountain in the middle of the forest: it is reached by foot by a small path of 600 meters … The site near the departure of hiking seems splendid, calm and conducive to rest.

PRICE: 34 € per night with breakfast

Minca cheap hotel in Colombia

Days 19-20-21 Cartagena – Plaza de la Trinidad hotel

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Once again, I first chose the location (Getsemani district) of this very cheap hotel to make my choice. Indeed, I absolutely wanted to be close to the sites to visit so as not to waste time in transport. In addition, the hotel has a swimming pool and the rooms are air conditioned: it is important considering the temperatures in August … Finally, the very suitable price was decisive because the accommodations on Cartagena are rather expensive because the city ​​is very touristy.

cheap hotel in cartagena Colombia

PRICE: 32 € per night with breakfast

Days 22-23-24 Mucura Island (Archipelago of San Bernardo) – Mucura Club Hotel

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My dream: a small island with white sand beaches and turquoise water lost in the Caribbean! But I can’t say that it is a cheap hotel in Colombia

This is where I wanted to end the circuit in beauty. And I chose the comfort, the exceptional location and the full board (all inclusive). Of course, it has a cost but it’s a paradise!


PRICE: 130 € per night full board (all inclusive)

Day 25 – Cartagena – Costana hostal

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For the latter cheap hotel in Colombia, I wanted it to be close to the airport since the next day is the return … Now it is 2 minutes from the airport but it is also close to the beach.

PRICE: 31 € per night with breakfast.

Cheap hotels in Colombia – Total budget for 25 nights

cheap hotels in colombia total budget for 3 weeks

Now you can discover my trip day by day:

day 1

day 2

day 3

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