Colombia tour 2 weeks my itinerary

Colombia tour – 2 weeks itinerary

Before choosing a 3 weeks Colombia tour, I studied the possilility of a 15-day tour to visit Colombia. So I also made the 2 weeks itinerary with map (see here below).

But, having one full month of vacation, I found it sad to limit myself to this 2 week tour. However, this 15 days itinerary allows to see the main sites of Colombia (Bogota, Tatacoa, Salento, Cocora Valley, Filandia, Medellin, El Penol, Guatape, Santa Marta, Tayrona Park, Minca y Cartagena) while leaving just 2 short weeks ! That’s why I share it below for those who will not have the chance to leave longer.

2 weeks Colombia tour – Itinerary map

2 weeks Colombia tour – Itinerary stages

This circuit is feasible because I could see similar on catalogs of several tour operators. But it will not be easy …

2 weeks Colombia tour – Cheap hotels

On the other hand, at the budget level, this 15-day itinerary is very interesting. Indeed, here is an estimate of the hotels post of this 2 weeks tour which represents about 209 € per person if you travel in couple.

Here is the article that will tell you more about the choices of hotels: CHEAP HOTELS IN COLOMBIA 

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