3 weeks tour in Australia itinerary and map

3 weeks tour in Australia with map and itinerary

Go to Australia … I dream since childhood. The world that I imagined was a territory apart, wild, boundless, made of mountains, deserts, oceans, volcanoes, wonderful lagoons and populated by aborigines with legends ancient and extraordinary animals …

And this year, I have the great chance to go to this other world for a road trip of 3 weeks (26 days exactly).

So I had 5 months to organize and complete my road trip in Australia scheduled for a departure on August 3 with a return on 29/08/19.

Here is step by step how I start organizing my 3 weeks tour in Australia.

3 weeks tour in Australia – Why in August?

There, I can say that I do not really have the choice. Indeed, working, it is difficult to take a full month of vacation outside of the summer. And as it would be a shame to go to Australia for 1 or 2 weeks, so I will leave in August.

3 weeks tour in Australia – August good season for Australia?

The seasons are not uniform in Australia. The country is so vast that temperatures vary greatly depending on which part of the continent you are on. To put it simply, we can say that the seasons are reversed compared to Europe. So in August it’s winter in Australia.

This is a very good thing because winter is the ideal time to visit the North, Central and Queensland with the coral reef. Indeed, in July or August the temperatures are quite mild and we avoid extreme heat of the Australian summer. These are exactly the 3 main parts of the country that attract me the most in Australia.

3 weeks tour in Australia – How to travel in Australia?

When I made my itinerary, I was able to see the infinite distances between the sites that appeal to me the most. In total, my circuit represents 5 800 Km!

To limit the time lost in transport and the long distances by car, I am going to combine the trips by car rental (from Brisbane to Cairns), air travel (Sydney-Brisbane + Cairns-Alice Springs + Alice Springs-Darwin) and trip in Camper Van (Red Center).

3 Weeks Australia Tour – Map of my itinerary

3 Weeks Australia Tour – My day-to-day itinerary

Departure from France on the 03/08/19 8h55

  • Day 1: Arrival in Sydney (19h15)
  • Day 2: Sydney
  • Day 3: Flight Sydney Brisbane 5:00 pm
  • Day 4: Car rental and drive to Herbay Bay
  • Day 5: Herbey Bay
  • Day 6: Herbey Bay (day trip to Fraser Island)
  • Day 7: Herbey Bay (whale watching tour)
  • Day 8: Direction Rockhampton (stopover city) 4h30 drive
  • Day 9: Very early departure for Airlie Beach (5h10 of road) and installation
  • Day 10: Airlie Beach (Whitsunday Islands Tour)
  • Day 11: Airlie Beach
  • Day 12: Road to Cairns and installation
  • Day 13: Cairns – Excursion to Green Island
  • Day 14: Road (30 minutes) to Rainforestation of Kuranda with visit (4h) then road (1h15) to Port Douglas and installation
  • Day 15: Port Douglas
  • Day 16: Return to Cairn (2h drive) – return car – hotel near airport
  • Day 17: Flight from Cairns to Alice Springs 5h50 1:05 pm – Van rental for 6 days and departure on the road to Red centre
  • Days 18-19-20-21: Road trip in Red Centre – Outback
  • Day 22: Return Alice Springs – Night on Van in Alice Springs
  • Day 23: Return van + Flight Alice Springs Darwin 15:30
  • Day 24: Darwin city tour
  • Day 25: Darwin + return flight 15:45

Arrival in France on 29/08/19 12h50

Now I have to reserve the hotels according to my circuit.

Here is my selection of

cheap hotels for my 3 week tour in Australia.

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