Java 6 days tour my itinerary and map

Java 6 days tour my itinerary and map

6 days Java tour – Day to day program

6 days Java tour – My route map

6 days Java tour – Cheap hotels in Java

Dates    City Hotel       Rp Euros
03-oct Yogyakarta Omah Konco 250000 17,48 €
04-oct Yogyakarta Omah Konco 250000 17,48 €
05-oct Yogyakarta Omah Konco 250000 17,48 €
06-oct Tosari Huni Raya 300000 19,00 €
07-oct Banyuwangi Didu’s Homestay 241667 16,89 €
08-oct Banyuwangi Didu’s Homestay 241667 16,89 €

6 days in Java – My feeling on Java

Upon arrival in JAKARTA, we took a domestic flight to YOGYAKARTA. Indeed, we had no desire to stay in this megalopolis of 31.7 million people (Greater Jakarta) and preferred to take advantage of our time to visit Yogyakarta and bring us closer to the two mythical volcanoes of JAVA: BROMO and IJEN .

6 days java tour my favorite BROMO VOLCANO
IJEN one of my favorite during my 6 days tour in Java

6 days Java tour – My favorite in Java

My favorites in Java: The BROMO and IJEN volcanoes and especially the JAVANESE!

Indeed, it was JAVA that I felt the best welcome (compared to BALI and GILI AIR). The Javanese are exceedingly kind and worship the Westerners.

We easily got in touch with the locals without much effort: at our Guest House, the owner came specially to meet us. We were able to talk with him for a long time and talked generally about the economy of the country, the religion, the social coverage of the Indonesians … He was available, helpful and very open to discussion …

6 days Java tour – My favorite for Javanese kindness

The kindness, we also found it in our guest house Omah Konco. For example, Labina who works for the Guest House talked a lot with us. We had real exchanges and we could appreciate all the small gestures she made especially to facilitate our stay.

One night, she came with us for dinner in a restaurant she advised us lest we get lost … She booked us a UBER because we had no internet in town. And she even shared our moment of madness in the illuminated cars.

Our guide was also Javanese and showed, through his involvement and our daily reports throughout the trip, kindness and kindness. He knew how to contact his friends to make us benefit (by organizing things the day before for the next day) of a national event (national festival of the dances of Java) in the best conditions (in VIP) !!!

6 days java tour my itinerary and my feelings

What to say about the altruism shown by this stranger we met at the Water Palace and who made us discover his city in an original and improbable way … He was completely disinterested and only sought to satisfy our curiosity and to give us the image of a beautiful city that we will keep preciously in our memories of Indonesia … He ended up accompanying us to the restaurant “Water Palace Café” because we were unable to go there by ourselves.

6 days Java tour – my favorite for Javanese smiles

Men and women meet you in the street and greet you with a sincere and sincere smile. This is the only place where I experienced this experience because it is a novelty when coming from Western countries …

I also had a real exchange with a sulfur bearer at KAWAH IJEN volcano. In declining his proposal for a paid photo, I started a dialogue that began with general questions … Then I bought him a piece of sulfur and asked other questions. He was not curious but I think that since time, he has well understood the Westerners and he put us in the same bag. Anyway, I felt that he was proud that we are interested in him and his work. Finally, before leaving him because he had to continue carrying his burden, he wanted to make a picture on which he posted an unformatted smile and that made me feel good!

The picture below shows the joy and pride of the Javanese to be with us.

Javanese with us during our 6 days Java tour

The photo below taken at random in a street of Yogyakarta illustrates the spontaneous and selfless smile of the Javanese:

6 days java tour my feelings about Java

Every day of my Java itinerary is detailed in
my tour DAY by DAY

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