Nazca tour in 1 day - Huacachina - Palpa - Nazca - Cahuachi - Chauchilla

Nazca tour in 1 day – Huacachina – Palpa – Nazca – Cahuachi – Chauchilla

If you want to visit Nazca in 1 day and all the interesting sites all around Nazca, discover our 1day Nazca tour we organized ourselves. It was a beautiful day full of surprises and beautiful places.

My Nazca tour in 1 day program

This is my day program around Nazca :

  • Huacachina
  • Palpa lines
  • Nazca lines and museum
  • Cahuachi pyramids
  • Chauchilla cemetery
  • Nazca return to take bus for Arequipa

My Nazca tour itinerary map

My tour around Nazca – What transport?

Our program of the day was quite complicated to organize by public transport, especially since bus schedules did not allow us much flexibility …

We had only 1 constraint: to be at 9:00 pm in Nazca to take the night bus to Arequipa which leaves precisely at 22:00.

The day before, we found in Huacachina a driver whose name I forgot but who was very nice! He offered to pick us up at the hotel to make the following tour: Palpa Lines, Nazca Lines, Cahuachi Pyramids, Chauchilla Cemetery and take us back to Nazca for our bus. We negotiated 15 Euros per person. But at the end of the tour, we felt it was not enough and decided to give him a good tip as well.

Here is his map:

My nazca 1 day tour transport
1 day to visit arount Nazca the private driver

My tour around Nazca – Visits

My tour around Nazca – Lines of Palpa

It was a surprise because we had not heard of this site. It is in my opinion as interesting as the Nazca lines. Geoglyphs are more numerous and more visible than in Nazca. They represent 8 members of the family Real de Paracas drawn on a hill. We go up to the Mirador opposite and we can observe them very easily.

Around Nazca on our 1 day tour Palpa lines

My tour around Nazca – Nazca Lines

Stop at one of the watchtowers to observe the lines of Nazca: I must admit that we do not distinguish very well all the drawings because we are not high enough and they are very extensive. Know that it is strictly forbidden to walk in the middle or between the lines, which is understandable … So the only choice is the helicopter (too expensive and uncertain depending on the weather and schedules) or the watchtower.

On the site, you can then visit the small museum of Reina Reiche. It is dedicated to a German mathematician who sacrificed much of her life to researching the mysteries of the Nazca lines. Currently, nothing is yet scientifically stopped, all is only suppositions.

Nazca lines on my Nazca on our 1 day tour
Around Nazca on our 1 day tour  NAZCA LINES

Nazca Lines – But why and how?

Personally, of all that I could read or see in the reports … I will rather retain this interpretation: these famous lines would have been drawn to thank the gods or to dialogue with them by sending them messages. Just as one quadrours a page to reproduce a drawing by enlarging it and by copying one by one each square, the Nazcas surely squared the ground with immense cords and one reproduces in each big square the drawing which they had done in more small. Clever no?

My tour around Nazca – Cahouachi pyramids

These pyramids are about 45 minutes from Nazca but access is very difficult because you have to take a track that crosses the pampas … The site is great and is not yet fully discovered. It is still being excavated but Peruvians lack subsidies and research is very long.

Lost in the middle of nowhere, I discovered a site without any tourist and with, as a bonus, a sandstorm. I had the impression that it was me who discovered a real city lost. As we do not know much about these pyramids, we can imagine plenty of possibilities … I LOVE !!!

Cahouachi piramids around Nazca

My tour around Nazca – Chauchilla Cemetery

This is the last visit of our busy day. Be careful, because the site is very badly indicated and our driver was wrong route which made us waste a little time.

Imagine: We are in the pampas with nothing around, there is a real sandstorm and we enter a cemetery where there is no one at the end of the day with the sun setting … The atmosphere is creepy.

Chauchilla cemetery in my nazca tour in 1 day on night

When we approach the open graves, we discover real mummies dressed and seated in their holes (men, women and children!). This cemetery dates from the Ica-Chinca civilization around the year 1000. Humans were left alive in these holes to die slowly. They mummified themselves naturally thanks to the climatic conditions (drought and wind). They were offerings to the Gods to claim in return a little rain in this rough desert.

Into the cemetary of chauchilla Chauchilla cemetery in my nazca tour
Chauchilla cemetery in my nazca tour in 1 day

What about the little bones that we found here and there that came from I do not know where? There must be looting because the site is not monitored at night.

I liked this place because we were the only tourists on the spot, because it feels like being in another world, in another era, because this place was “authentic”, in its juice, without shops of memories around, without anything around!

Chauchilla cemetery in my nazca tour

My tour around Nazca – Bus Nazca Arequipa

Return to Nazca to take our night bus to Arequipa.

To discover how to take night bus for Arequipa :

Night bus Nazca Arequipa

To discover next day : Day 4 Arequipa City tour

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