best beaches best places and best hotel in Mauritius South coast and Morne

Best places, best beaches, best hotel in Mauritius South coast and Morne

If you don’t know where to choose your hotel in Mauritius, which is the best coast, where to stay? You will discover in this article the characteristics of the South and South West coast of Mauritius, its most beautiful beaches around Le Morne and the main tourist sites.

It’s on the South coast of Mauritius in the Morne area that I enjoyed my stay of 1 week in the best hotel (see end of the article).

No standing, no bling bling … little Coco just wants calm in a sublime nature!

Mauritius South Coast – More beautiful landscape

The South and South-West coast of Mauritius Island is undoubtedly the wildest and the most varied in terms of landscapes. It is also the best preserved of all Mauritius. Its emblem, the Morne Brabant, is famous for its tragic past.

According to legend, slaves committed suicide during the colonial period. It is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and I must admit that it was the main argument for my choice of stay.

What also attracted me to this region is its climate. This is indeed a place where the wind blows very often and thus gives you a coolness that is welcome to stay on the beach or for hiking …

Moreover, the Morne beaches are the most popular windsurfing and kitesurfing enthusiasts.

best beaches in south coast of Mauritius island
Most beautiful landscape in south coast of Mauritius island

Mauritius South Coast – The most beautiful beaches

The beaches of this part of Mauritius are less numerous than on the other coasts. They are more diverse and not all necessarily adapted to tourists … but they are very beautiful!

You must know that the extreme south is not completely surrounded by the coral reef. Thus, on the side of Gris Gris or of la roche qui pleure, the beaches are different and much more agitated.

Regarding the Gris Gris beach in particular, the coral reef is very close to the shore. As a result, big waves break just meters from the beach!

And if you go to the Morne Brabant side, you will find beautiful postcard beaches with the background of the beautiful mountain Morne which is, to my taste, one of the most beautiful sites in Mauritius.

This is probably the main reason that a majority of luxury hotels have settled on these beaches.

Morne praban one of the most beautiful beaches of Mauritius
best beaches in south coast of Mauritius island and best hotel
best beaches in Mauritius South coast and Morne

Mauritius South Coast – Best places

I will not list all the places to visit or all the activities of this region. Here are only the two main sites not to be missed.

Mauritius South Coast – Hiking in Morne Brabant

Few people know we can climb this mountain and it’s a shame … because on its summit, the view is simply incredibly beautiful!

But you must know that you must be accompanied by a guide officially authorized for this hike. You will need to go through a local agency, ask your hotel for a guide or book the tour directly on the website:

There are several more or less difficult trails and therefore to choose according to your physical condition:

  • A half-day trek: Ideal for people in very good shape to reach the summit with ropes installed on the rock faces. This hike lasts between three and four hours.
  • A classic hike: This hike is accessible to everyone, regardless of their physical form. The climb to the summit is done in just over 3 hours without any difficulty.

Mauritius South West Coast – Chamarel and its colorful mountains

The plain of Chamarel is, in the South-West, in altitude in the middle of a forest next to the natural park of Rivière Noire. If there are many activities (“adventures”, visit the rum Chamarel, Curious Corner, waterfalls …), I think we must go above all for its mountains (or rather hills) colorful also calls the lands of the seven colors.

I already wanted to see this natural phenomenon in Peru during our trip in October 2016 but the extreme altitude and the trek demanding to access me (I must admit shamefully) discouraged. But in Mauritius, the conditions were just perfect for this trip.

These hills of rather ocher colors are surprising (I have slightly accentuated the colors on my photo) but a little disappointing because few and on a very “restricted” place.

To access it, after paying the entry to the site, you will have to take a walk in the park, which is superb. Before arriving on lands with seven colors, you can also go to the Cascade de Chamarel which is worth a detour! Know that it is also possible to go down and swim there.


Mauritius South Coast – Best restaurant

For her taste buds to feast, little Coco prefers to eat local!

As usual, this is not a great restaurant that I will recommend but a simple table in a real house facing the sea. And this is also the name of this restaurant: Beachfront Website – Le Morne, Mauritius Phone: +230 451 5598

Here, we taste typical dishes of Mauritius that are prepared simply by José and presented without fuss. It’s good local cuisine in a remarkable setting that surely explains the price a bit high …

Mauritius South Coast and around Le Morne – Best Hotel

For having stayed a full week, I can say that (for me) RIU MORNE **** is the best hotel on the South Coast and South West of Mauritius.

Mauritius South Coast and around Le Morne My Best Hotel

Mauritius around Le Morne – My hotel selection

In search of calm rest in a paradisiac place, on beaches of fine sand edged with turquoise waters, this hotel (four stars) knew to answer perfectly to my waitings!

This is an adult-only property (so very quiet) with four restaurants, five bars, a freshwater pool, all equipment and materials for water sports (windsurfing, kayaking, paddle, diving), spa, massages, hairdresser …

But it is above all its gastronomic offer that definitely seduced me (see photos below) because everything was included in the price in All Inclusive. In turn, we were able to feast with French gourmet cuisine (proper dress required), Indian, Asian or international cuisine. What to vary the pleasures and never get tired in a week!

the table of my best restaurant in south coast of mauritius
best restaurant in south coast of mauritius
best restaurant in south coast of mauritius one plate
my favorite of best restaurant in south coast of mauritius
the menue of the best restaurant in south coast of mauritius

The entertainment was also upbeat with fun concerts and shows and free access to the resort’s disco and karaoke.

From 115 Euros per person per night (all inclusive), this is a very good hotel! That’s why I’ll just say it can be the best hotel in Southern Mauritius.

More information about RIU MORNE hotel

Here are some photos that say more than a long speech:

OUR HOTEL in South coast Mauritius in the Morne area
OUR HOTEL in South coast Mauritius in the Morne area the beautiful beach
OUR HOTEL in South coast Mauritius in the Morne area our room in the best hotel
Mauritius South CoastLe Morne Brabant on of the Best Hotel
best coast to stay in Mauritius our room hotel view on the beach
View of our HOTEL room in South coast Mauritius in the Morne area

If you are still unsure, you can compare with the

North coast of Mauritius

or read my article: Which coast to choose?

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