How to go from tatacoa desert to the coffee area in Colombia beautiful landscape

How to go from Tatacoa Desert to the coffee region in Colombia ?

Our 5th day in Colombia, we will spend it in the driving road to go from Villavieja in the Tatacoa desert to Armenia in the coffee region. Sleeping in Armenia, we cut a little this long road because our final destination is Salento where we will settle for 3 nights the next day.

Driving directions Tatacoa desert – Armenia Map

How to go from tatacoa desert to coffee area in Colombia my map

My trip to go from Tatacoa Desert to the coffee region

Departure with Carlos our driver at 7:30 from our hotel in Villavieja. He announces us that the duration of the trip can vary from 7h to 12h !!! It depends on the traffic, possible accidents, landslides that could be encountered on the pass of one of the Andean Cordillera that we will have to cross.

Colombia has 3 Cordillera of the Andes:

  • The Western Cordillera that is closest to the coast and the lowest of the three (4,100 m)
  • The Cordillera Central with the highest peak is the Nevado del Huila with 5,364 m altitude.
  • And the Eastern Cordillera whose highest peak is the Ritacuba Blanco with 5 410 m altitude.

And to go from the department of Huila to the department of Quindio (coffee region) by road, we will be forced to cross the neck of the central mountain range!

Going from Tatacoa Desert to the coffee region by car

The roads of the impossible ! Yes, I’m sure that if we had filmed, we could have broadcast our film in the series of routes of the impossible!

Indeed, not only did the road have difficult passages, hairpin turns, impressive precipices … but there was a circulation of crazy people with crazy drivers, huge trucks that had no recovery on the roads. ribs, which doubled between them without visibility, without momentum …

We have lived this journey as a real adventure, as an experience that we will live I hope never more! The advantage of this kind of experience is that on arrival, we are well aware that we are LIVE !!! Some say they need to put themselves in danger to feel alive and well, I confirm!

Road to go from tatacoa desert to coffee area in colombia
going from tatacoa to armenia
my road trip from tatacoa desert to coffee area in colombia

Going from Tatacoa Desert to the coffee area by car -Breathtaking panoramas

This is the main advantage of traveling by road. The landscapes are simply grandiose and spectacular!

How to go from tatacoa desert to the coffee area in Colombia

Cheap hotel in Armenia

Finally, we will take 8 hours to make this trip and we set up at 15:30 at the hotel I had chosen as a stopover hotel in Armenia: the hotel CONFORTEL.

What did I like about this hotel?

  • CONFORTEL is a small hotel, very simple but very well placed in a shopping street of Armenia. Thus, it is very easy to eat fast and cheap. In addition, the bus station is also nearby (convenient to leave the next day).
  • Its very small price: 23 Euros per night with breakfast included.

What I did not like about this hotel?

  • The breakfast was not super good and not very rich;
  • The breakfast service was very slow and unsmiling!

See this hotel on Booking


Tomorrow we will leave early to go to Salento

and settle there for 3 nights:


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  2. Antonia says:

    Hi! how much did it cost the private driver from villavieja to Armenia? and how many hours did it take to get there?

    1. Coco says:

      It took us 8 hours with just 2 breaks of 20 minutes. But our driver told us that this trip can take much longer. That’s why we left very early in the morning to avoid heavy traffic.
      Regarding the price, I can’t tell you precisely because we paid a package for all the transports of our trip to the Colombia Infinita agency. Pierre VERGER: (57) 3208125670 Mail
      If you want to contact our driver directly: Carlos RUBIANO (+ 57 3158390610)

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