Our itinerary in the Highlands with Benromach and Fort George - Our Inverness city tour

My Highlands itinerary Benromach Fort George and Inverness city tour

For the 6th day of our tour of Scotland, we depart from Elgin to Inverness, the Capital of the Highlands.

6th day itinerary in the Highlands

  • Elgin
  • Benromach distillery
  • Fort George
  • Inverness

Map itinerary of my circuit in the Highlands from Elgin to Inverness

In the Highlands – Benromach Distillery

We leave Elgin to visit a distillery of whisky very different from those we have already seen. Compared to others, Benromach is a small distillery (production of 500,000 liters per year). Its whiskeys have fruity, light and slightly peaty aromas (I repeat what the connoisseurs told me …). Our madly passionate guide marveled at their production and their technique even though the visit was in English and we did not capture everything …

Highlands Benromach wisky Distillery

In the Highlands – Fort George

We leave the distilleries area to drive to Fort George in 30 minutes. It is in an icy cold with a small pungent wind that we discover this gigantic and imposing fort. It is a superb 18th century artillery fort on a promontory overlooking the Moray First Strait.

We were very lucky because, without knowing it, we came across a theme day with the living exposure of the different periods of Scotland’s history. Parades, shows, open-air museums, collection of weapons, tacos …

We stayed there all morning discovering at each booth incredible stories and treasures that have remained intact over the years. The ramparts make for a beautiful walk with a superb view of the sea.

Highlands - Fort George
 Fort George in the Highlands
My visit in Fort Georges on my Highland tour

Highland Landscapes

After this morning in the heart of Scotland’s history, we head back to Inverness, the capital of the Highlands. We drive about 45 minutes and cross sublime landscapes. Yes, that’s it, we are finally in the rough, wild and beautiful Highlands.

Highland Landscapes on our route to Inverness

In the Highlands – Inverness City tour

We started with a little tour in the city, at the Victorian Market, did some shopping … Then we went to The Free North Church where we had an incredibly warm welcome. Yes we were surprised that a parishioner came spontaneously to offer us the visit of his church and some information on his religion.

Highlands in the city of Inverness the Victorian Market

Then we climb the hill to go to the castle of Inverness but in addition to the cold, the rain was invited … It’s a shame to see this building in pink sandstone under the gray. No matter for gardens all around, we accelerate a little visit to go and rest in our hot B & B. This is only a short break because tonight we will experience the real Scottish pub

Highlands in the city of Inverness the Castle

In the Highlands – Pub music and beers!

For this beautiful evening, we chose the oldest pub in the Highlands: THE GELLIONS! Real institution, this pub is a place of conviviality where the Scots go every night after work to take a few beers but especially to find, laugh, discuss and even dance.

Aside from the hubbub that drank as much as the beers, I absolutely loved the warm, cheerful, surprisingly good child of this place. People are tight against each other, everyone participates in conversations (when we can hear them), everyone laughs, screams, sings … it’s just the happiness of being together.

The Gellions Pub in Highlands - Pub music and beers!
Highlands - Pub music and beers in the Gellions Pub the most ancien in Highlands

In the Highlands – Cheap Hotel in Inverness

This is the B & B I had booked for its great location right by the historic center of Inverness. I enjoyed being able to park the car easily near the accommodation. We were always greeted as nicely as anywhere else. From this accommodation, you can easily do sightseeing on foot. The room was clean, well equipped but a little small. It was one of the best B & B’s at such a low price and so close to the historic center I had found on Inverness.

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Our route continues the next day:

Cape on Torridon

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