Ubud in 1 day - program of our day visit

Ubud in 1 day – program of our day visit and restaurants

For our 9th day of our tour in Indonesia, here is finally a relaxing day without a car trip and with a program of Ubud visit flexible and quiet!

Discovery of Ubud – What to do in one day

  • Monkey Forest
  • Melting Wok Restaurant
  • Ubud Market
  • Shopping
  • Dinner at Ibu Rai

Ubud in 1 day – The Ubud Monkey Forest

From our hotel, we walk (15 minutes walk from our hotel) to the Monkey Forest which we visit very quietly in 2 hours. There is only one kind of monkey: crab-eating macaques.

There are many tourists but as the forest is large, the ride is very pleasant. I think that arriving at the opening (8:30), it must be deserted and more interestingly more interesting … but maybe the monkeys still sleep at this time!

Be that as it may, this place is very nice and entertaining! Be careful not to carry a bag, food, water bottle because the monkeys are thieves and are attracted by everything they can catch.

If you want the souvenir photo, you can buy a banana for 5000 RP (about 25 cents) and stretch it over your head for a monkey to sit on your shoulder to taste the fruit on your head .

Price: 50 000 RP is about 2.5 Euros

Ubud in 1 day - Monkey forest
Ubud in 1 day - 2 monkeys in monkey forest

Ubud in 1 day – Restaurant Melting Wok Warung

At noon, we come back to eat at Melting Wok Warung (I booked the day before …). This is convenient as the Melting Wok Warung restaurant is located on Market Street so a short walk from our hotel. The dishes are excellent and plentiful and the price is interesting. Indeed, a complete meal costs around 8 Euros.

Ubud in 1 day restaurant
Ubud in 1 day restaurant Melting wok
Ubud in 1 day restaurant desert

Ubud in 1 day – The Ubud Market

Our program for this afternoon: swimming pool, Ubud market and shopping … A relaxing day that we particularly appreciated!

The Ubud market is worth the trip for its ambiance and colors. But it is to my taste too touristy and therefore not at all authentic! In fact, in the street, we only meet Westerners. This is the place where we have the least opportunity to negotiate prices and they are on average higher than the rest of Indonesia. So a tip, go ahead but do not buy!

Ubud in 1 day – Shopping in Ubud

UBUD is the city where you have to go shopping. The stores are very very numerous and there are some for all purses. Silver jewelry is very affordable and quite original. There are also beautiful ceramic decorative objects (handcrafted in Bali, see photo below).

In addition, on the market street in Ubud, many local agencies offer excursions to the other islands and touristic sites.

Ubud in 1 day DOING SHOPPING

Ubud in 1 day – Dinner at Ibu Rai Restaurant

In the evening, I booked a restaurant in an exceptional setting 2 minutes from our hotel: IBU RAI. Indeed, this restaurant is located in the middle of a temple, it is divinely well decorated and offers elaborate dishes, creative, with exotic flavors and cleverly mixed … In short, still a very nice address to Ubud for a budget of about 15 Euros the meal (including drinks, main course and dessert).

Ubud in 1 day restaurant diner
Ubud in 1 day restaurant IBU RAI
Ubud in 1 day restaurant FOR DINER IN UBUD

After this good feast, we walk back to our hotel in a few minutes: ESTY HOUSE

Follow me to Day 10:

DAY 10 South Bali

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