Sydney in 2 days with my favorite places in Sydney after must-see places

Sydney in 2 days – My favorite places in Sydney after must-see places

Visiting Sydney in 2 days is absolutely a good timing. After our 1st day where we followed an itinerary of Sydney’s must-see attractions in 1 day, here is how our additional visit to Sydney I did on the 2nd day with my favorite places….

Sydney in 2 days – My favorite places

From our hotel, the next morning we take Georges Street which we follow to the Queen Victoria Building. After 10 minutes of walking we arrive in the heart of Sydney’s city centre.

Sydney in 2 days – The Queen Victoria Building

This is one of the most beautiful monuments in Sydney: a huge Victorian-style building used in a chic store. Magnificent stained glass windows, wrought iron balconies, colourful mosaics… It is a small jewel in the heart of Sydney!

Queen victoria building in Sydney
Sydney Queen Victoria Building

Sydney in 2 days – The Strand Arcade

The Strand Arcade is a beautiful Victorian-style shopping mall located at 195 Pitt Street (in the heart of Sydney’s central business district) between the Pitt Street Mall and George Street shopping centres. When you discover this place, you have the impression of making a comeback in the past and you catch yourself contemplating and detailing all the small shops… The macaroon stand (French) is very beautiful!

Strand arcade my favorite in Sydney
Sydney in 2 days with Strand Arcade

Sydney in 2 days – The Sydney Tower

The Sydney Tower is the tallest structure in Sydney. Australians have given it several names: the Sydney Tower Eye, AMP Tower, Flower Tower, Glower Tower, AMP Tower, Flower Tower, Westfield Centrepoint Tower, Big Poke, Centrepoint Tower or Centrepoint. It is 310 m high and is located in the business district between Pitt and Castlereagh streets. The tower is accessible from Pitt Street, Market Street or Castlereagh Street shopping centre and is located above the Westfield Sydney shopping centre (formerly Centrepoint).

Sydney tower Sydney in 2 days

Sydney in 2 days – Sydney Opera House at sunset

It is around 5pm that the colours of the Opera’s wings are the most beautiful… Taking the time to stroll again on the Circular Quay at nightfall is a real moment of happiness…

OPERA on my city tour of SYDNEY 2 days

My cheap hotel in Sydney

The hotel I had booked, the City Lodge Hotel (now called Comfort Hotel Sydney City) was very well located because we were able to visit Sydney in 2 days by walking. We did not take a taxi or public transport. It is an ideal choice for a very low price : City Lodge Hotel Sydney – Price of the night: 88 € – See on Booking

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