My experience around the Loch Ness

A beautiful experience around the Loch Ness

For the 8th day of our 15 day tour in Scotland, we depart from Inverness to the famous and mysterious Loch Ness. It’s a must when you’re in Scotland! And I was impatient and curious to know what was waiting for us …

Our 8th day itinerary around the Loch Ness Lake

  • Inverness
  • Loch Ness

Route map Inverness – Loch Ness

Scotland Tour in 15 days – The Loch Ness

This 8th stage will be, like the previous one, totally dedicated to nature and landscapes. We will spend the whole day on the shores of Loch Ness with all the images of the legends of monsters which our unconscious impregnated …

When we arrive, I have to say that I am a little disappointed because this lake looks like the other lakes in Scotland. Yes, he is tall and he is handsome! But I could contemplate it by imagining dark abysses and strange creatures populating this black and mysterious background … The observation is the same: yeah, well!

The Loch Ness for my 2 weeks scotland tour

I wanted to see the Loch Ness Center & Exhibition Experience but I was convinced that the commercial side and a little too “folkloric” would have displeased me. This legend of Nessie exaggeratedly exploited to attract tourists completely invaded this site which, in spite of everything, remains magnificent.

beautiful experience of the Loch Ness

Around the Loch Ness Lake – Urqhart Castle

On the other hand, the ruins of Urqhart Castle are beautiful with the Loch Ness landscape. It is a site that is really worth seeing! I do not think the visit is essential but some photos are to take!

the Loch Ness Lake and its Urqhart Castle ruins

Around the Loch Ness Lake – unforgettable encounter

Here’s what I liked about Scotland: contact and exchanges with the Scots. As we walked along the lake, we greet two Scots in their garden. The latter approached and started the conversation behind their little fence. After a quarter of an hour of friendly exchanges, they offer us to continue our conversation warm around a tea or coffee.

It is therefore in their living room that we settle, take tea and spend part of the afternoon at their side. In Scotland, people like to welcome tourists to their homes and share anecdotes, memories, advice …

It will be an unforgettable moment that will remain among the best memories of Scotland!

the Loch Ness Lake our unforgettable encounter

My Hotel on the Loch Ness The Craigdarroch Inn

Here is a very good place to stay in a small hotel with breathtaking views of Loch Ness : The Craigdarroch Inn

With a very friendly staff, the atmosphere is friendly and warm. Our room was clean, spacious and had a great view of the lake. The best is the restaurant and pub of the hotel. No need to move, a complete relaxing stay to be content with contemplating nature and landscapes. The establishment, surrounded by nature, and close to the pier where boats and kayaks are rented.

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Follow my circuit to a pretty little village:

Meet Scottish seals in Plockton

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