Best beaches on Mauritius Island and best hotel on the East coast of mauritius and South east coast

Best beaches in Mauritius – best places – best hotel Mauritius East Coast

You hesitate because you don’t know the different coasts of Mauritius and don’t know where to choose your hotel? North coast, South coast or East coast ?

It is undoubtedly on Mauritius East Coast and South East that you will discover more authentic, wild, typical places with small fishing villages and a still wild nature. You will find below the characteristics of this long beautiful coast, best beaches and best places to visit. So, you will be able to decide whether or not it’s interesting to choose your hotel in East Coast of Mauritius Island.

No noise, no madness, no frenzy … for Coco the authenticity will be her paradise!

Mauritius East and South East Coast – The most beautiful beaches

Beautiful beaches are numerous in the East and South East of Mauritius island. The best known are those of Belle Mare (which some say is the most beautiful beach in Mauritius) and Blue Bay a little further South. But you will find many others less known but just as pretty.

North of the East Coast of Mauritius, you will find the beaches of Roches Noires and Poste Lafayette with Bras d’Eau Bay. Public beaches very popular, they are pleasant in summer because they benefit from a small wind that comes from the South and that can better withstand the heat … Mauritians love to relax on weekends and holidays and it is therefore a family and typical atmosphere that will be found more particularly on these beaches.

Best Beaches East Coast Mauritius – Belle Mare

Belle Mare beach is simply one of the largest and (in my opinion) one of the most beautiful beach in Mauritius! White sand, turquoise lagoon, we bathe with pleasure and we can also enjoy a barrier reef still preserved …

During weekends and holidays, Mauritians flock, so it is ideal to meet locals, exchange with them and discover their culture.

Coco knows that discovering a country is especially about making friends!

Best Beaches East Coast Mauritius – Trou d’eau douce

Trou d’eau douce is a few kilometers south of Belle Mare. It is a beautiful lagoon with a beautiful white sand beach swept by the trade winds.

But what attracts tourists is that this lagoon is home to a jewel just a few miles off its beaches: The Ile aux Cerfs.

Best Beaches East Coast Mauritius – Ile aux Cerfs

What does Ile aux Cerfs look like?

This small uninhabited islet is one of the most beautiful sites on Mauritius island.

Coco was more than seduced oh yes … Little Coco was dazzled!

But as there is not only little Coco who loves this place, be careful: there is a crowd! I advise you to go early in the morning to go around quietly and take beautiful pictures without anyone on it (as I could do it myself) …

One of the Best Beaches East Coast Mauritius the beautiful beach of The Ile aux Cerfs
One of the Best Beaches East Coast Mauritius The Ile aux Cerfs

How to get to the Ile aux Cerfs?

The simplest and least expensive solution and take a water taxi that makes the shuttle between Trou d’Eau Douce and Ile aux Cerfs : every 20 minutes from 9am. Thus, you will be free to discover the site at your own pace.

One of the Best Beaches East Coast Mauritius How to get to The Ile aux Cerfs

For a discovery of the Ile aux Cerfs by the sea, you can book a trip by catamaran or pirate tour! You can find agencies for departures from Trou d’eau douce or Blue Bay.

Most boat trips will offer a stopover at Grande Riviere Sud-Est and include in the price a snorkelling in the lagoon, a good barbecue and drinks.

Best Beaches East Coast Mauritius – Blue Bay

Let’s continue further south. Looking for an emerald sea with a sandy beach? It’s in Blue Bay that you have to go with its postcard decor …

But Blue Bay is also famous for its corals and its marine park which is classified and thus protected … It is incontestably a superb spot of diving but simple masks and snorkels are enough to admire the still alive corals and fish of all the colors …

The island “île des Deux Cocos” is nearby and deserves, if you have the time, the detour.

Mauritius East and South East Coast – Best places and activities

Best Places on East Coast Mauritius – Flacq

It is one of the largest villages in Mauritius. Every Wednesday and Sunday, there is a beautiful, big and very popular outdoor market. Very colorful and lively, it is a few meters from the court.

To smell, taste, discover, it’s in local market that Coco likes to prepare her future memories … !

Best Places on East Coast Mauritius – National Park at Bras d’Eau

It is a nature reserve of about 500 hectares located in the north-east of Mauritius, on the coast near Poste Lafayette. It is composed of state lands, a large pond called Mare Sarcelle, a multitude of ponds and a beautiful forest. In this forest, there is a site for picnics with wooden tables.

You have to go for a walk because, and it is very convenient, there are hiking trails that are marked.

Very easy to get there from Flacq. All you need to do is take a taxi to the park entrance (10 to 15 minutes by car).

Best Places on East Coast Mauritius – Grande Rivière Sud-Est

It is a place that you can visit while making a sea excursion. You go up the estuary to the mouth of the longest river of the island where is a beautiful waterfall.

Best Places on East Coast Mauritius – The Amber Island (the île d’Ambre)

You have to go on this island for its lagoons but especially for its mangrove. You can choose the kayak or negotiate with a local fisherman to take you there with his boat or take a trip to an on-site agency.

Best Places of Interest East Coast Mauritius – Mahebourg

It is the largest city on the southeast coast. Located at the edge of a lagoon, it is also the closest city to the only airport in the country.

You can go there for its market which is held on Mondays and that Mauritians call “la foire”. You will be able to immerse yourself a little in the daily life of Mauritians and can buy spices, souvenirs, basketry … It is much cheaper than in Port Louis.

Mauritius East and South East Coast – Best Restaurant

To make her taste buds feast, Coco prefers to eat locally!

As usual, it is not a great restaurant that I will recommend but the small restaurant in the house of Maryse. It’s simple and good Mauritian cuisine and not expensive. Depending on the morning fishing, you will be offered different seafood. We enjoyed rum with prunes, grapes and chicken with coconut milk.

CHEZ MARYSE 230 5 978 8211 Pointe d’Esny (next to the Blue Bay Police Station)

Best restaurant East coast Mauritius island

Mauritius East and South East Coast – Best Hotel

Before booking Riu Morne hotel (in the South West of the Island), I had, as usual, prospected and searched the best hotels in Mauritius along the coast. Here is the best hotel in the East part of Mauritius: Shandrani Beachcomber.

When Coco wants luxury, she will go to sleep at the beautiful Shandrani!

Conveniently located on the Southeastern coast of Mauritius, Shandrani Beachcomber Resort & Spa is the luxury address for all-inclusive stays. This 5-star hotel is located on the Blue Bay Marine Park, on a private peninsula facing the Ile aux Aigrettes Nature Reserve. Thus, it has three private beaches of fine sand facing a dream lagoon.

Golf course on more than 50 hectares, Kids Club dedicated to children from 3 to 12 years old, free choice of water activities, Spa, diving center, sailing club … it is impossible to list all the benefits and amenities of this complex!

In addition, the guest comments on Booking and TripAdvisor are more telling. Indeed, they describe it as formidable, excellent, exceptional, magnificent, dream stay … That’s why I’ll just say it’s the best hotel on the East Coast of Mauritius.

How to describe Paradise? Coco don’t know but she is sure it can be here!

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