how to get to Colca Canyon from Arequipa - My itinerary with route map

How to get to Colca Canyon from Arequipa – My itinerary with route map

6th day – 7:30 am – Departure from Arequipa with our private chauffeur Julio towards Cabanaconde in the Colca Canyon where we will spend the night. Of course, we have our supply of coca leaves! And we start by taking a mate of coca at breakfast and chew all along the way this magical plant …

Discover below our beautifulCanyon del Colca tour from Arequipa to Cabanaconde with our detailed itinerary with route map.

Colca Canyon – My itinerary from Arequipa to Cabanaconde

Today we are going to drive about 220 km :

  • Arequipa
  • Salinas and Aguada Blanca Reserve
  • Mirador de los Andes
  • Colca Canyon
  • Cabanaconde

Canyon del Colca – Map of my tour

Road to the Canyon del Colca – Salinas y Aguada Blanca National Reserve

Our road allow them to cross the beautiful national reserve of Salinas and Aguada Blanca.

Salinas blancas national park in Peru

Before arriving at the Mirador of volcanos, we make a stop on the side of the road to take a mate of coca. It is an infusion of coca leaves that you are served in large mugs. It must absolutely drink a lot because it is essential to support the altitude.

w to get from Arequipa to Colca Canyon - My itinerary into the Colca Canyon

Then we continue to the plateaus of the Altiplano between 3,000 and 4,000 m above sea level and enjoy grandiose landscapes, lunar, stripped … It crosses vicuñas, alpacas and llamas and shepherds who support weather conditions extreme: hot weather in the afternoon and cold and wind at night and in the morning.


Road to the Canyon del Colca – Mirador de los Andes

Here it is done as JP would say: we reached 4 910 m altitude! Here, we breath a little short …

But what a spectacle! Mandatory stop to admire the imposing snowy volcanoes: Ampato, Sabancaya and Huallca Huallca.

Mirador de los andes on my road to Canyon del Colca from Arequipa

Road to the Canyon del Colca – Chivay

Charming village at 3700 m where we took a well deserved break!

Chivay village going to Colca Canyon

The Colca Canyon

The journey continues on a vertiginous road that follows the Colca Canyon. The canyon is dominated by eternal snow and many volcanoes.

Canyon del Colca

Road to the Canyon del Colca – The Cross of the Condor

Finally, we arrive at the Cross Condor (where we will return the next morning very early to admire the Condors in full flight).

From this superb point of view, we begin a walk of 2:00. And, I must admit that for me, it was far from being a simple little walk.

Indeed, altitude requires a lot of effort to climb. It is very sporty and the headache is invited … But the hike allows us to reach an archaeological site of the period Collagua and Inca: UYO UYO. A little too perched but very interesting! It is an abandoned village which was the former capital of Colca. That’s it, I overcame altitude sickness and can now enjoy the site.

Also, we will take advantage of this walk to admire the many “Colcas”. It is these small cavities in the rock that gave their name to the valley and this famous Canyon.

Colca Canyon Uyo Uyo with colcas
Colca Canyon difficulties in Uyo Uyo
Colca Canyon our hike to Uyo Uyo

Road to the Canyon del Colca – Cabanaconde

Finally arrived in Cabanaconde, a small picturesque village perched at 3,200 m!

And here we discover a place cut off from the world. Indeed, the GRANJA DEL COLCA is a hotel perched on the rocks overlooking the great Colca Canyon.

We are simply amazed! The place is unique in the world, difficult to describe this feeling of being in an exceptional place, with no one (we were the only ones in the hotel) … You should know that this hotel-restaurant has only 3 rooms. Thanks again to Thomas for making us discover this corner of the world so remote …

Overnight at Cabanaconde “Granja del Colca” Km. 9.5 from the carretera Cruz del Condor, Cabanaconde 54.

For 58 € a night with a good breakfast, it is really an unforgettable experience! More information on Booking

Cabanaconde in Colca Canyon our night in Granja del Colca
GRANJA DEL COLCA in Cabanaconde

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  2. Hello. How did you book Julio for this day trip? and how much was it please?

    1. Coco says:

      For Julio our nice private driver, we found it through Thomas Montaigne a french who is installed in Arequipa.
      In addition to the advice on good restaurants in Arequipa, he organized ou tour of the Canyon del Colca and transportation from Arequipa to Puno.
      If I remember well, we paid a package of 620 USD to 4 (2 couples) where everything was included except meals. If you want to contact him:
      Thomas MONTAIGNE t. T 0051 54 66 99 58 or by his local agency:
      You can also contact him through Perou Transport Colca : T 00 959 66 22 57

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