What to do around medellin - EL PENOL Y GUATAPE

What to see around Medellin? El Penol and Guatape

Here is a beautiful day entirely dedicated to visits around Medellin. What is our day program? What to see around Medellin? Today we are going to climb to the top of the Penol and to discover the pretty village of Guatape.

Itinerary Medellin El Penol Guatape – Route Map

How to get from Medellin to Guatape?

  • The bus will take you at least 2h30 to go to Guatape (see link below for schedules) but the price of the trip is very interesting (- 10 €). http://www.terminalesmedellin.com/destino/guatape/
  • The taxi is also a good way to get there faster but it’s still a bit expensive (40 € one way): tax-individual.com.co http://taxis.com.co/
  • For my part, it was with Ludovic that we traveled and visited both sites.

Ludovic BERTEL is a young French man who settled a few years ago in Medellin. He offers his guide-driver services for Medellin but also for the entire region of Antioquia. We were fortunate and pleased to enjoy his valuable information, his enthusiasm and his personalized visits. His whatsapp: +57 3113296127 – Info@lechapcolombie.fr – www.lechapcolombie.fr 

What to see around Medellin – El Penol and its lakes

Departure from our guest-house direction East of Medellin to go to the rock El Penol and discover the most incredible water reserve of the region.

This is the Peñol-Guatapé water reservoir. A dam was built in the late 1970s with a voluntary flood of more than 6,000 hectares including the former Penol village forcing the farmers to abandon their land.

But, with the rock of Penol which makes it possible to overhang these artificial lakes, the site became hyper tourism and the peasants had the opportunity thus to be reconverted in tradesmen.

After climbing the 675 steps, the rock El Penol offers breathtaking views at 220 meters above sea level on the lakes, Guatape and its surroundings. Entry to 18,000 COP.

What to do around medellin - Climbing on the top of El penol
What to do around medellin - View from the penol rock
To visit el penol near Medellin
What to do around medellin - View on the top rock of el penol near guatape

What to see around Medellin – Guatape

This charming little village is famous for its drawings and frescoes adorning the lower facades of houses. These bas-reliefs are called zocalos. Their origin dates back to 1919. A lady who used to decorate the interior of the church had the idea to decorate the bottom of his house and launched the “fashion” throughout the village …

Thus, each zocalos tells something about the house, the inhabitants, their profession, their passion, their particularity … some are simply decorative (geometric shapes, flowers, lama …) and other advertisers …

It is therefore very entertaining to visit Guatape because the houses tell us all a story, a past, a memory. In this village, our imagination is constantly solicited!

What to do around medellin - Visit GUATAPE VILLAGE
beautiful street in guatape near el penol arount medellin
Principal place in Guatape - What to do around medellin

What to eat in Guatape?

We absolutely wanted to taste the specialty of the department of Antioquia: The bandja paisa.

It is a typical dish of peasant origin composed of rice, red beans, banana, minced meat, egg, sausage, salad, avocado. So all there is more light !!!

Where to eat in Guatape?

We looked for a quiet place (a rare thing in Colombia), in the shade with good prices.

We found in the main square the restaurant TIKI TAKA (wow the word game …) that we enjoyed.

Continue the journey with us discovering our day at MEDELLIN:

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