whisky distilleries in Speyside and Elgin city tour

Visit whisky distilleries in Speyside and Elgin

For the 5th day of our 15 day tour in Scotland, we leave Insch for the Speyside whisky distilleries to finish our day in Elgin.

Speyside day tour to Elgin

  • Insch
  • Glenfiddish Distillery in Dufftown
  • The Glenlivet Distillery
  • Spynie Palace
  • Elgin Cathedral
  • Elgin

From Speyside to Elgin – Glenfiddich Distillery

Finish the Scottish castles, on the way to discover the famous Scottish whiskeys! Early departure to arrive at the opening of tours of the famous Glenfiddich whiskey distillery next to the town of Dufftown. After a little more than 1 hour drive, we arrive and discover a great structure that reminds us that we are not in an artisan distillery or family …

Indeed, we learn that the most famous distilleries of Scotland is also the 1st distillery in the world in terms of turnover. We are greeted in a very organized way and the complete visit ends with a free tasting with the guide and the passage through the shop. It is one of the best-selling Scottish whiskeys in the world with a single malt aging in oak barrels.

In Speyside area the Glenfiddich Distillery

From Speyside to Elgin – The Glenlivet Distillery

Personally, I do not like whisky but our friends and my husband really appreciate it or rather appreciate it … Unfortunately for them, it was not possible to visit the 48 distilleries of the Speyside region! We had to make a choice. So we decided to visit the biggest first to understand the process and to taste the most famous whiskeys. Then we will continue later with homemade or family whiskey distilleries. Thus, we will have an overview and we can compare …

The Glenlivet is the Scottish whisky distillery that sells the most single malt in the US and the 2nd largest in the world. The same principle of visit as for the Glenfiddish whisky distillery: visit of approximately 1 hour with detailed explanations and interesting and free tastings (included in the price of the visit) in the shop.

Speyside  The Glenlivet Distillery

From Speyside to Elgin – Spynie Palace

After the morning nose in the whiskey (and I’m not a fan), it is with great pleasure that we arrive near Elgin on a very interesting site. Spynie Palace is an episcopal palace founded in the twelfth century that served as residence for the bishops of Moray.

From Speyside to Elgin The old Spynie Palace

From Speyside to Elgin – Elgin Cathedral

Site surprising but beautiful! Surprising because there are only ruins and beautiful because these stone remains stand out beautifully on the green of the lawn. Built in 1270, Elgin Cathedral was one of the most beautiful in Scotland.

Speyside to Elgin Visit the Elgin Cathedral

Speyside to Elgin – Cheap Hotel in Elgin

At 2 minutes from the Cathedral and the main street is Elgin Guest House. At 65 Euros the room with breakfast included, it was a good place to enjoy being in the heart of the city and in a family and relaxed atmosphere. A grocery store in front of the guest house allowed us to concoct a small meal on the run to save a restaurant in the evening … The typical Scottish breakfast filled our stomach! More information about Booking

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