Dangerous districts in Medellin and best neighborhoods in Medellin for tourists : the center

What to see in Medellin in 1 day? The historic center

Today, I want to visit the historic center of Medellin. But can we say downtown or historic center of Medellin? “Historic” is perhaps a big and wrong word to define the city center of Medellin. Indeed, Medellin is a relatively young city. There is no colonial vestige, no typical architecture, in short no identity in its streets and squares. Indeed, if you are shown a street or a square in Medellin, nothing differentiates it from another modern city. Except … the beautiful statues of BOTERO!

One day in medellin the historic center

Medellin in 1 day – What to see in the center of Medellin?

Walking in the city center is very pleasant because we feel the dynamism, the fervor, a certain party atmosphere … besides, Ludovic will bring us a drink in the famous Salon Malaga (temple of Jazz music, tango. ..). It is a mythical place of Medellin with a soul and a memory (records, jukeboxes, photos).

Salon malaga What to see in Medellin The historic center
What to see in Medellin The historic center and its salon malaga

Here are the main places I recommend to visit in the center of Medellin:

  • Botero Square and its 23 statues;
  • Bolivar Square and its monument to the glory of the liberation of the nation;
  • The Antioquia Museum with a large number of works by Botero (contemporary artist born in Medellin);
  • The Botanical Garden;
  • Know that you have also the opportunity to take the Turibus to discover at your own pace all the most interesting places in the city: http://www.turibuscolombia.com/
The historic center and modern district of Medellin
The historic center and business district of Medellin

Medellin in 1 day – And the Pablo Escobar Tour?


Up to you ! But, Colombians do not appreciate that tourists like to “admire” the traces of a past that they have a hard time forgetting.

So, I did not want to do this tour even if the curiosity tickled me … Especially, that these famous towers would be managed by members of the Escobar family.

Medellin Cheap Hotel – Guest House Poblado Manila

In Medellin, I found a very cheap room with good accomodations : Pablo Manilla Guest House.

What I liked about this Guest House:

  • Its geographical situation because it is located next to EL POBLADO district;
  • The fact that it is an apartment because we stayed there for 3 nights and I was able to do laundry because it has a washing machine!!!
  • The terrace with view on which we ate and we took all our breakfasts;
  • The cleanliness of the rooms;
  • Its price very interesting compared to hotels in the same area: 21 Euros per night.

What I did not like about this Guest House:

  • The fact that the common areas are very old and poorly maintained;
  • The lack of crockery (the other occupants taking the bowls in their rooms …).

See this hotel on Booking

Cheap hotel in MEDELLIN

Medellin in 1 day – My impressions about Medellin

Medellin city has been a very nice surprise! Indeed, I did not expect to discover such interesting places and culture as marked and inked in the city. The violent past, the revival, the music, the dancers, the graffitis, the street vendors make Medellín a town with a strong character that I adored!

what to do in Medellin Poblado district
Enjoying poblado in Medellin

Follow my tour discovering our day visit in Santa Marta.

Medellin in 1 day – Medellin my tips

If you are looking for information to move to Medellin, for nice restaurants, to stay in a quiet neighborhood, to organize a tour or a visit … here is some useful informations:

What to see in Medellin my tips 13
What to see in Medellin my tips12
What to see in Medellin my tips 11
What to see in Medellin my tips 7
What to see in Medellin my tips 6
What to see in Medellin my tips 5
What to see in Medellin my tips4
What to see in Medellin my tips 3
What to see in Medellin my tips 2
What to see in Medellin my tips
What to see in Medellin my tips 14

And to continue, come and visit with me

The Comuna 13 in Medellin

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