What to see in Salento and my cheap hotel in salento

What to see in Salento ? Our cheap hotel in Salento

Today, we leave Armenia very early to reach Salento in 1h30 of road. We will spend 3 days there to visit the coffee region. We arrive at 9:00 in a charming little village very colorful and I immediately fall in love with Salento! But what exactly is there to see in Salento?

What to see in Salento?

At the time we arrive in Salento, the village is quiet and peaceful, the shops are not yet open, the streets are deserted, birds sing and the sun shows its first rays …

In short, everything is ideal to take a leisurely stroll while taking pictures. We savor the chance to be in such a picturesque place and take advantage of the beautiful morning light on these facades in bright colors!

What to see in Salento a lot of colorful houses

So, if you want to make beautiful pictures and enjoy strolling in a wonderful village almost nothing for you, it will go very early in the morning and especially not on weekends …

To end in beauty, I advise you to go to the Mirador to enjoy a nice panorama on the mountains of a bright green.


What to do around Salento?

On the good advice of Maria Lucia from our Guest House, in the afternoon, we go hiking to discover a waterfall in a generous and green nature.

To do this, you have to go to the bus station all the way down the main street. Just take the bus to Pereira and get off at Boquia at the bridge level: 1,000 COP the way.

After the bridge on the right, you have to take the path as to go to the restaurant and follow the Reserva Natural la Patasola. Still following the same path, you will enter a coffee finca where you will pay COP 5,000 for the entrance.

There a map of the site is displayed and indicates access to the waterfall.

What to see in Salento Waterfall
What to do and what to see in Salento
what to see in Salento going to the waterfal

Restaurants tested in Salento

Restaurant in Salento – El Rincon de Lucy

Here is the right place to eat cheap in Salento (restaurant open only for lunch). It is on the main street of Salento at the corner of Calle 4 and Carrera 6. A single menu (almuerzo corriente) is proposed for 8,000 COP is about € 2.60. It included a soup, a plate with trout, rice, vegetables and a fruit juice. We eat with locals, often a little tight but the place is authentic!

Cheap restaurant in Salento
Cheap restaurant in Salento EL RINCON DE LUCY

Restaurant in Salento – The good steak

To eat fast night in Salento, we found a fast food restaurant rewarded by Tripadvisor. It is on the street that goes back to our hotel. The setting is a little cold but the dishes are very good. We had a nice trout with patacon (grade of banana plantin fried) + salad for 15,000 COP (about 4.50 Euros).

Restaurant in Salento – La Fonda de los Arrieros

To eat cheap at night in a typical decor: La Fonda de los Arrieros (on the main square of Salento). Patacon mixto (minced meat + tomatoes + onions + cheese on patacon): 11 000 COP is only 3.20 Euros!

Cheap hotel in Salento and Good restaurant in Salento
Cheap hotel in Salento and Good restaurant

Restaurant in Salento – Restaurant Bernabé

Located Cl. 3 # 6-03, Salento, this very nice restaurant offers a more elaborate cuisine than the traditional cuisine of the region. The dishes are good and well presented. The price is a bit higher than the average. It takes around 50,000 COP (15 Euros) the meal. To book at least the day before for the next day!

Cheap hotel in Salento and San Bernabe Good restaurant in Salento
Cheap hotel in Salento and Bernabe restaurant in Salento

Cheap Hotel in Salento – Our guest house

This will be one of the best memories I will keep from Colombia: the guest house where we stayed for 3 nights: The Jerico Familiar Hostel (in the center of Salento village).

Much better than a hotel: it’s a (simple) accommodation in a typical and picturesque family home. The family is exceptionally kind and does not know what to do to satisfy you at best. The advice and information they gave us are reliable and appreciable (hiking, restaurants, excursions …). And what about the many coffees always offered without counterpart and with a genuine smile!

In four days, we really got attached to this little family and it’s tears in our eyes that we left each other … And for the budget, it’s a good plan: 15 Euros per night!

See this hotel on Booking

Best cheap hotel in salento
Best cheap hotel in salento our room

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